New Class for Summer 2015: BIOL 234

Fundamentals of GeneticsIf you’ve ever wondered why apples come in yellow, green, or red; why you need a different flu vaccine every year; or why a mouse lives for one year, while a woman lives for one hundred, and a whale for five hundred years you may be interested in studying genetics.  If you’re curious to know how corn was created from grass, cauliflower from weeds, or poodles from wolves through selective breeding, Continue reading

Columbia College Graduation 2015


Our Graduation is coming up on Friday, March 13th 2015. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your academic success with your classmates, friends and family and we are already incredibly excited about celebrating it with you.

If you think you are eligible to attend, you must apply before Thursday, January 29th. There is a Graduation fee of $50 per student, and each student is allowed to invite up to two guests to attend the ceremony.

This fee includes refreshments and the hire of your gown.

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