How to buy Medical Insurance

Buy Insurance

It is mandatory for all students to have Medical Insurance with coverage of at least $1 million to be able to register for the next semester. If you don’t have MSP or your own private insurance, you can buy from Guard.Me following the instructions below.

This insurance costs $190 for four months. If you would like to purchase insurance for the days prior to September 1st, this will cost you $1.65 per day but means that your journey and time before the semester will be covered.

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Columbia College’s policy on off-campus work and semester breaks

visaStudents in an Associate Degree Program at Columbia College may be allowed to take a 4 month break (i.e. a full semester off) during which they may work full-time, so long as they hold full-time status at the College, are making satisfactory progress towards completion of their Associate Degree, and are willing to make a commitment to the College that they will return to Columbia after the break and resume their full-time studies. (CIC requires that students hold full-time status during the semester prior to AND the semester following their break. Taking into account reading breaks, winter holidays and so on, students may work off-campus on a full-time basis for no longer than five months each calendar year.) Continue reading

CC Riders Win 1st at the 500M Regatta

CC Riders-2015The Dragon Roars

Columbia College is proud to announce that CC Riders, our Dragonboat team has roared to victory once again.

The final race was anything but an easy one. Having only 15 minute breaks in between races; the team was indefinitely fatigue and almost out of breath by the 3rd regatta. Having said this, the team went off to a slow start and was outpaced by every other team at the beginning of that heat. Continue reading

Course Planning Starts Monday June 8th

course planning

All  students in Eng 098 or higher must see a Counsellor to select courses and get a registration appointment for August.

Make an online appointment:

1.) Select Student Services/Academic Information/Meet with an Academic Advisor/Student Records System.

2.) Log in with your Columbia College ID and password which is your date of birth

3.) Select Student Counselor Appointment; scroll down to any of the 7 counselors; click on a time that you are not in class. Continue reading