Tax Return Information

Tax InfoMany students have been asking us about filing a tax return so we have found this helpful resource which will answer many of your questions: Students and Income Tax 

If you are considering doing a tax return this year then we recommend reading all of the information on this page from the Canada Revenue Agency speficially for International Students useful:

All University Transfer students can request a T2202A (for Canadian tax purposes) through the Main Reception at College. Once submitted, you will be able to collect it after two weeks, if you select the pick-up option on the form. Alternatively, you can choose to have it mailed to your address when submitting it.

Introducing Kayi, our new English tutor

KayiMeet Kayi Wong, our new English tutor.

Kayi, a Columbia College alumna, has a B.A. in English Literature, and a Diploma in Visual Communication. Aside from working as a tutor, she is also the editorial board member and contest coordinator at Room Magazine, a literary journal based out of Vancouver.

Kayi is available by appointment Monday to Friday between 3 to 6 pm for writing tips, and book recommendations. You can make an appointment by following this link:

Introducing Koopa, our new Math tutor

KoopaWe would like to introduce you to Koopa Hakimi, our new Math tutor.

Koopa is from Iran. He has a B.A. in Mathematics and also a Masters degree from University of British Columbia. He enjoys tutoring, teaching, and generally anything to do with academics and learning. He is looking forward to working and meeting all the students of Columbia College.

Koopa is available to meet by appointment between 1:30 and 5:00 pm every day during the week. You can book an appointment with him following the link here:

New Class for Summer 2015: BIOL 234

Fundamentals of GeneticsIf you’ve ever wondered why apples come in yellow, green, or red; why you need a different flu vaccine every year; or why a mouse lives for one year, while a woman lives for one hundred, and a whale for five hundred years you may be interested in studying genetics.  If you’re curious to know how corn was created from grass, cauliflower from weeds, or poodles from wolves through selective breeding, Continue reading