Library Fines and Transcript

Important message from the CC Library to all students! Do you owe any library fines before registration? If you have outstanding fines you may not be able to view your transcripts. You can check to see if you have fines by following these instructions:

1) Go to
2) Click on “Log In”
3) Log in using your student number & the last 4 digits of your student number as your PIN
4) Click on your name to see if you have any fines – if you do, you will get a message in red.

Students can come to the library next week to pay or discuss their fines, between 9 am – 2 pm.

USA/Seattle Trips: Important Info

download (1)Columbia College is no longer organizing  trips each semester to Seattle, USA. Students must book their own trips to visit America.

Here are 2 trusted companies that Columbia College has used during our visits down to the states in the past:

WestTrek: Columbia College has used WestTrek for all of our last 4 visits to Seattle. They offer both 1 and 2 day trips depending on the season. Take a look on their website to find a tour date that suits you.

For more information visit their website:

Discover Canada Tours/Club ESL Are a great company that has been offering tours to various locations for several years. They offer 1, 2 and even three year tours to Seattle and even Portland.

For more information visit their website:

PLEASE NOTE FOR THOSE APPLYING FOR THE US VISA: College will NOT be giving you any letter to say you are attending a trip. You should request one from the tour company or use the email confirmation you receive after you purchase your ticket.

Last day to show MSP coverage is today!

Today is the last day for students to show their valid MSP coverage to avoid being charged for insurance. For more details, please read below:

Last date to show MSP coverage:  
If you have MSP coverage, you must show it to a member of staff in Student Services by Tuesday, August 8th otherwise you will be charged $190 for medical insurance when you register for the Fall semester.

Important Information for students with MSP expiring on July 31, 2017:  
As of July 1, 2017, MSP are no longer accepting temporary renewals of medical insurance coverage.

If your MSP coverage expires on July 31, 2017, to ensure that you are covered in the event of an emergency, Columbia College is going to enroll you for coverage with at a cost of $51.15 from August 1st to 31st.  This will be a non-refundable insurance charge.  This charge will be added to your student ledger.

Failure to pay before August 15th will result in you being blocked from a future registration or blocked from receiving transcripts if this is your last semester.   

Please come and see a member of staff in Student Services to confirm that you have received this message.

Double Probation Information

Double ProbationIf your semester GPA is below 1.7 for two consecutive semesters i.e. in the Winter semester (January – April 2017) and the Summer semester (May – August 2017), you are on Double Probation and you are blocked from registration.

If you wish to register for courses in the Fall 2017 semester, you must appeal by completing the form below.  The Appeal Committee will review your application and decide whether to allow you to register. Continue reading