Columbia College’s policy on off-campus work and semester breaks

visaStudents in an Associate Degree Program at Columbia College may be allowed to take a 4 month break (i.e. a full semester off) during which they may work full-time, so long as they hold full-time status at the College, are making satisfactory progress towards completion of their Associate Degree, and are willing to make a commitment to the College that they will return to Columbia after the break and resume their full-time studies. (CIC requires that students hold full-time status during the semester prior to AND the semester following their break. Taking into account reading breaks, winter holidays and so on, students may work off-campus on a full-time basis for no longer than five months each calendar year.)

Details of CIC policies are available at:

A student is considered to be full-time and making satisfactory progress at Columbia College if he/she attempts 24 credits in a year (and passes a min of 21 with a GPA of 1.7 or better). Students may therefore take a semester break (and work full-time) if they have registered in a total of 24 credits (or the equivalent – non-credit courses such as English 099 will be included in the calculation) over the previous two semesters and have passed at least 21 of these credits, and have maintained a satisfactory GPA.

Students taking such a break to work full-time are required to register on a full-time basis in the semester following their break. Students must make a $1500 non-refundable deposit which will be credited to their tuition fees in the semester following the break. (The deposit may not be deferred to a later semester because of the CIC requirement that students study full-time in the semester following their break.)

The College will maintain a list of students who have made this deposit in case CIC asks about their status.

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