Tax Form Update

CaptureT2202A tax forms for the 2016 school year have been uploaded onto the Student Portal and can be obtained from “My Tax Forms” under the “Administrative Services” section.

Once you select the T2202A, you can print it and submit it with your tax return.

To log in to the Student Portal, your Username is your Columbia College Student Number and your password is cc!MMDDYY where MMDDYY is your own date of birth (e.g. cc!082190 if your birthday is August 21st, 1990).

You only need the T4A from the College if you have been awarded a scholarship or bursary. If you are eligible, this will be made available to you on February 29th.

If you have a job, you should receive a T4 from your employer.

Students who wish to get forms for years 2014 and before should to go to the Main Reception and fill in the tax request form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my tuition deposit for the Winter 2016 semester not showing on my T2202A? 

The T2202A is for the previous tax year. Even if you paid the deposit in 2015, you are attending the classes in 2016 so this will show on your 2016 T2202A.

I took courses at Columbia College, why isn’t there a tax form for me?

Not all students qualify for tax forms. Columbia College issues these forms in accordance with tax legislation. Only students enrolled in post secondary level courses or programs will receive a tax form. ESL, non-credit or senior secondary courses or are not considered to be at a post secondary level and are not included in the T2202A form.

I am an international student. Why do I need a T2202A?

Columbia College is required to report this information to all students to enable them to complete their Canadian income tax returns.

As a resident of Canada you are required to file a Canadian income tax return. The T2202A is a tax receipt for the tuition you have paid that can be used as a deduction against income you may have earned while in Canada. Your employer issues a T4 for salaries or wages you have earned while in Canada. The College issues a T4A for scholarships, bursaries or other monetary awards you received during the calendar year.

If you have not received any income in Canada during the calendar year, you may be able to use the T2202A against income you or your parents received in your home country. Contact an income tax professional for more information.

Where can I get more information on the T2202A?

Canada Revenue Agency website for International Students:

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