Important Information about Compass Cards

CompassIt has been brought to our attention by Transit Police officers that some students have been using a concession card (the orange Compass card) to travel from home to College.  Students caught using the orange concession card will be issued a $173 fine.

We would like to remind you that all Columbia College students must pay adult fares (i.e. use the blue Compass card) on transit, even if you are under 19 years of age, unless you are a full-time high school student, in which case you can obtain a ‘Go Card’.

As we are a private College, we are not eligible to be part of the U-Pass scheme.

4 thoughts on “Important Information about Compass Cards

    • Hi Parwinder, currently you cannot get a Go Card as you are not a high school student. From September, you will be able to travel until you are 19 with the orange card. We will be posting more information soon but if you like us to clarify for you, please come to Student Services. Thanks!

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