Smoothie Sale today!

Message from the Ethan, on behalf of the CC Entrepreneur Club:

“Dehydrated by the summer heat?🔥
Thirsting for a beverage to soothe the midterms’ intensity?
Or you simply want to have a quality chilling time with your buddies in our college’s cozy Student Lounge?

CC Entrepreneur Club got you covered🤘🏻😎

Join us on our special SMOOTHIE SALE tomorrow (Jul 5th) at 11 AM in 3rd FLOOR STUDENT LOUNGE for a once in a semester time refreshing experience🍹

Comes in 2 delicious flavors of Bananas🍌 and Chocolate🍫, the sale also offers affordable price tag for each 14 oz. cup of only $2.50!!

*SPECIAL DEAL: Purchase a cup of smoothie of any kind for a chance to win FREE SAMOSAS in our upcoming Samosa’s Sale!!😍*

We are looking forward to blend your smoothies soon💖

Smoothie sale

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