A Message about Eco-tourism from Communications 11

This week we are very happy and honoured to share informative social media posts and posters created by Camila Mello’s Communications 11 class! Here’s the first post created by Prada, and poster by Abdullah and Joe:


This year is Canada’s 150th birthday. Do you want to do free eco-tourism? The Canadian government gives us a benefit: almost all the national parks are for free in Canada in this year.

Eco-tourism is a good activity, it can let us enjoy nature far away from crowded cities, and we can also enjoy the local foods and local culture. However, some negative effects also happen. Some people litter forests, and that is destroying the environment. Other people carve their name on trees. And other people want to earn more money by logging trees to build more resorts. That scares animals, and they do not have habitats, and more endangered animals become homeless.

The government gives us some benefits, so we should also give something back; let us together protect our home, and environment. I encourage you, if you see garbage on the streets or anywhere, please pick it up and put in the garbage bins. Thanks!”

Abdullah Joe

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