Communications 11

Happy Tuesday! Here are today’s messages about eco-tourism from Camila Mello’s Communications 11 class!

“Hey guys, have you heard about eco-tourism? It is a type of travel where we can help others and relax at same time. When we are enjoying ECO-TOURISM, we are also taking money to those places, so locals will welcome you very much. However, those places where we go for eco-tourism usually are very beautiful, thus don’t forgot to pick up the garbage which you made and protect the environment to let people in future enjoy what you are enjoying now.” – Joe

“Want to do free eco-tourism? Check the information below.

The government has a promotion that all the Canadian national parks are free now. Join eco-tourism and learn more about our environment.

Eco-tourism is a different type of travel which is related to our environment. The benefits of eco-tourism are protecting our land and environment. If you participate, you will learn more about how our land has been threatened by humans. Eco-tourism leads people who want to overcome pollution problems. They help the locals and the government save the forests, and the farmers’ land.

However, eco-tourism is not always the best solution for protecting our environment. If there are too many people doing eco-tourism because the government can’t limit the number of tourists, the forests can be destroyed.” – Vivian

“Eco-tourism has many problems and benefits as well. Firstly, eco-tourism is friendly to our environment and it protects damaged ecosystems. In addition, it offers the only way to improve poor countries. Eco-tourism is sometimes the reason for problems because it could destroy the beauty of a place.” – Amr

Poster by Harris and Prada

Harris Prada

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