“Want free ecotourism? Please read the following details seriously.”

Harris and Ruby from Communications 11 break down what eco-tourism means and how we can all be responsible for taking care of the environment. Accompanying poster by Temir and Samer:

“Want free ecotourism? Please read the following details seriously.

This year is the 150th year of Canada, so the government is giving free national park tickets to people, for example to Banff, which is the most popular national park for students.
However, everything has two sides. It is a really awesome activity, but there are some issues that tourists have to know.
Do not try to break the environment. This year must be a busy year in these national parks, so it might break the environment in these places. A lot of people possibly throw away their garbage at these spot, but that is bad behavior obviously, so Do Not do that and stop others doing that.
Everybody can be a civil person!
Finally, enjoy free ecotourism!” – Harris

“Environmental issue:
The environment is a big topic that many people are considering. One of the discussions is about how to protect the environment through eco-tourism. As we know, some people think that eco-tourism brings destruction by tourists. The results are ruins in many ways, such as cutting trees, throwing a lot of trash, and threating animals.
Therefore, what should we do? The most important solution is to protect the ecosystem by being a responsible tourist with positive behavior. Some information from social media is one of the best ways to give a hand in helping save the place where you live. NOW,

Temir Samer

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