“Attractive eco-tourism sites to enjoy this summer!!!”

Communications 11 students Jeremy and Abdullah share their thoughts on eco-tourism. Poster by Ruby and Jeremy:


What better way to enjoy the fantastic scenery of glacier icy mountains in the morning and relaxing in wonderful warm hot springs in the end of the day in the same location? That’s what only Eco-Tourism could bring.
• Camping
• Sightseeing in gorgeous places
• Experiencing the natural environment in a new point of view.
• Discovering the inner beauty of nature as well as saving it at the same time!

But keep in mind:
• To have certain knowledge about the area before you go
• To be aware of nature environment and inhabitants
• To avoid peak season to have the best experience
• To not waste or impact nature because it’s our world lungs :)” – Jeremy

“Vacation is coming and everyone will be enjoying the wonderful parks in Canada, which is especially free this year for everyone.
According to “Trouble in Paradise” (Reading Matters 3, pp. 34-8), Eco-Tourism has a negative impact on nature in many countries where it was done wrong, so we have to take advantage of that terrible lesson and recognize that if we don’t pay attention to the small actions that impact the environment, we’ll not have this environment anymore. It’s a blessing to have such a mesmerizing nature, so we should work together to take care of it and save it for the next generations.” – Abdullah

Ruby Jeremy

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