“Please open your eyes.”

Temir and Samer end this week’s social media campaign on eco-tourism. Thank you to all students in Camila Mello’s Communications 11 class for creating informative posts and posters about this issue! Poster by Vivian and Amr.

“Treat yourself”, that’s how I would like to start my post.

Vancouver deserves to be clean. We can do that via not littering our parks. If we don’t do that, eventually we’ll lose our parks.

The Government of Canada has provided us with free entrance to parks. That does not mean that we have to abuse this opportunity. On the contrary, that means we should seize this privilege, and stop littering our own parks. Why should we exacerbate the issue, when we can curb it?

Please open your eyes.” – Temir

“What should you know about the Canadian free passes to parks?

The government of Canada decided to give tourists who are from Canada, and even from other countries, free passes to see the Canadian nature, which is very beautiful and rich with wildlife. That is a very good idea because it is important for people to connect with nature, but some people are worried about tourists’ effects on nature. Therefore, tourists who will visit the parks should be careful about how they act, and they should respect nature as the government respects their needs to connect with nature.

As we know, a lot of people are going to visit the Canadian parks, and it is going to be really difficult to organize that many people. Therefore, everybody who wants to visit the parks has to be organized to avoid all the harmful effects of eco-tourism on nature.” – Samer

Vivian Amr

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