Banana slugs at Columbia College

Banana slugs have made Columbia College go global! We (or more precisely, the banana slugs) are featured in this fascinating article by Lucien Durey on the intersections of Canadian art and the changing climate. Thank you Ian for coming across this feature!

Peter Gazendam

Peter Gazendam, A Long Conversation (For Oona), 2017. Photo: Blaine Campbell.

“Lastly, from carnivore to detritivore, Peter Gazendam’s A Long Conversation (For Oona) (2017) is a series of nearly 40 bronze sculptures of the species ariolimax columbianus, commonly called banana slugs, installed in and around Columbia College’s new Terminal Avenue campus and neighbouring office building. Most range in sizes of three, six, 18 or 40 inches—placed at the foot of benches, under railings, on concrete columns or stools.

The varying scale of the work is playful while prophesying an evolutionary power shift. The smaller sculptures could go unnoticed, or be mistaken for the real thing, ostensibly provoking double takes from passersby for generations to come. Their precarious placement is consistent with real-life encounters, stopping attentive boots mid-sidewalk, or falling underfoot. The lapdog-sized versions feel strangely appropriate, as though slugs could have some appeal as domesticated companions, if not for the slime.”

Read more here.

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