Double Probation Information

Double ProbationIf your semester GPA is below 1.7 for two consecutive semesters i.e. in the Winter semester (January – April 2017) and the Summer semester (May – August 2017), you are on Double Probation and you are blocked from registration.

If you wish to register for courses in the Fall 2017 semester, you must appeal by completing the form below.  The Appeal Committee will review your application and decide whether to allow you to register.

If you are unsure about how to write an appeal and need assistance, you can meet with a counsellor on August 16, August 17 and August 18 at 12pm in Room 312 to get more advice or learn about other options.

To submit your appeal, go to this link:

When completing the appeal form, please consider and include the following information:

  1. Why you have not performed up to the Columbia College standards;
  2. Why you believe that you can achieve better grades next semester;
  3. Include medical or other documentation that will support your appeal by e-mailing
  4. You will find out the outcome of your appeal in your college e-mail in the morning of the day after your appeal.
  5. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you cannot appeal again.

The deadline to appeal is Tuesday, August 22 at 2pm.

Please make sure that the form is complete before pressing submit.

Triple Probation

If your semester GPA is below 1.7 for three consecutive semesters (Fall 2016, Winter 2017 & Summer 2017) then you are on triple probation.

You should register at another college.  If you feel that there were extenuating circumstances for your performance, come to Student Services to see a counsellor.

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