Join the Fall Step Up Program today!


GradusOne is officially accepting applications for the Fall Step Up Program! Step Up is a part time 8-week program designed to help you take the first steps in your career and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your career choices. This is the perfect opportunity to focus on your personal and professional growth with a group of people that are also committed to learning and helping you. You’ll work on developing a clear sense of identity, create a well thought-out career plan and form valuable connections with your community. The weekly sessions include interactive workshops, team activities, discussion, networking, plenty of self-reflection, and more!

Who: Post-secondary students and recent graduates
When: Every Tuesday evening, 5:30 – 8:30pm from October 10th to November 28th
Where: Unbounce, 401 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
Application Deadline: August 31st

For more details including program curriculum, application process, and pricing, please visit

*Mention Columbia College in the referral section of the application form and get $50 off the program fees!*

What some of our Summer Step Up students are saying:

 “Being part of a formalized cohort made me feel a lot more motivated– While there are a number of different sources for personal and career development advice, it was the structure, focus, and supported application of the advice in the Step Up program that helped me gain more of the clarity and purpose around my career I had been struggling to find elsewhere.”

 “Through Step Up, I’ve been able to understand why I do certain things and change my mindset on how to approach my career. After 8 weeks, I felt more confident when presenting myself in front of others and have gotten a lot better at my interviews as I’m able to communicate things about myself more clearly.”

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