Fine Forgiveness Week

Have you seen our featured news story today? Check it out at the Library and determine whether it is real, fake, or a joke to get your library fine fee waived!

Here’s the news story:


Here’s what students have been saying:

“FAKE. No author or reporter’s name is given. No dates. World News Daily Report is known for presenting fake news. The news is not in any of the reliable news channel like CBC. It is on social media like Facebook and Twitter which presents to the people what they want… There are advertisements on this webpage which are not related to the main source (i.e. news). It is just fictious. There is specifically an emotional and religious content to make the reader emotionally fragile and manipulate their mind from the main story.”

“FAKE. If we search on the link, this news appears but when we read, we have questions in mind about Dr. Catherine Hersch and WHO, they provide no link about it. So, it is not real. Not making any sense.”



What do you think? Drop by the library and let us know!

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