Fine Forgiveness Week – Results!

This news story is… A JOKE!


Fine Forgiveness Week Results (1)

Fine Forgiveness (1)

Image Description for above:

How can you tell if it’s a joke?
This one was tricky! Real News Right Now is a satirical website. Satirical websites use irony, humour, and parody to poke fun at current events, people, and situations. Being able to tell that something is satire requires knowledge of the current events that the article makes fun of.

The sources: Other headlines on this site refer to current events, and if you know the context, they’re pretty funny! Click on “About Us” and the author claims to be an expert in almost everything, which is a bit ridiculous.

Ask the experts: Look up other stories from Real News Right Now on and you’ll see that they call the website satirical, and all the stories are marked as false.

How did you do?
15% got it right.

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