Fine Forgiveness Week – The Snake Story

Fine Forgiveness Week – It’s time to check out the results from our last news story!

The snake story is… REAL!

How can you tell it’s real?

The source: Look up CBC News and you can find out that the news broadcaster has a
long history and was founded in 1941.  If you go to the CBC website, you will find other
Canadian and world news stories, and their headlines are not sensationalist or full of
exaggeration. The headline for this story accurately summarizes the article.

Verify the story: 
If you search for this news story, you’ll find other well-known news sites also reported on the event.

Although this story seems ridiculous, it’s a report of a real event!

How did you do?
47% got it right.Fine Forgiveness (2)


Fine Forgiveness Week Results (2)

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