Health & Wellness Week – Feb. 26 – Mar. 2

H&WW poster

It’s Health & Wellness Week at Columbia College from Feb. 26 to Mar. 2 (that’s next week)! Check out the list of events that will be happening and take an active role in ensuring the health and well-being of yourself and the college community!
Eat Well, Be Well
945AM  1130AM  Main Campus lobby
1130AM  1PM North Campus lounge
Learn how to eat healthy to have a balanced life. FREE recipes, granola breakfast, and smoothies!

Compliment Exchange Day
945AM  1200PM  Main Campus lobby
1130AM  1PM North Campus lounge
Give a compliment, get a compliment. Write a kind message to someone and receive one in return, along with yummy treats. Notes of appreciation can positively impact someone’s day!

Pink Shirt Day
1130AM  130PM  Main Campus lobby
1130AM  130PM North Campus lounge
Celebrate the antibullying movement with national Pink Shirt Day! Wear pink to show your support, and come by for free gifts, prizes, competitions and more.

Let’s Talk: Suicide Awareness
1130AM – 130PM  Main Campus lobby
1130AM – 130PM North Campus lounge
Learn about tools you can use to keep your mind healthy. Educate yourself and others! Grab a banana. Healthy food + healthy body = healthy mind.

Dance like Nobody’s Watching!
11-1 & 2-4PM Main Campus 3rd floor lounge
Bhangra, hip hop, disco, and maybe even the waltz. Come out and show your dance  moves. Dancing can help relieve stress while you’re having a fun time. There will be  free snacks!

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