Mindfulness Courses at the Crisis Centre


Feeling stressed out about school? Register for mindfulness courses at the Crisis Centre! The Centre offers half-day workshops or a new 8-week online program.

In these sessions, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of mindfulness
  • Learn why and how it can help with self-care and stress reduction
  • Explore recent research and brain science
  • Provide a mix of information, discussion, practice and reflection
  • Introduce simple, practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into daily life

About the 8 Week Online Program

Each 60-minute session will explore a theme related to emotional well-being, guided mindfulness practice (ranging from one to 15 minutes), time for inner reflection, and an opportunity for rejuvenation. Sessions will incorporate videos, opportunities for discussion and activities to enhance learning.​ Participants will receive resources and information to support developing a mindfulness practice.  You can attend the class live or by video recording.

Register online here.


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