Advice for students planning to complete an Associate Degree

Attention:  All students planning to complete an Associate Degree:

Make sure you have done a Degree Audit i.e. a checklist of the requirements.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Registering in too many courses for a category eg too many first  Arts courses.  These courses become redundant and you waste time and money doing them.
  2. Not registering in Pre-requisite courses first.  Most Second year courses have pre-requisites that must be completed first.
  3. Postponing English too long.  Starting in Sept 2018 Eng 100 is compulsory.  However if you got a “C-“ or a “D” and keep postponing it, you may find that you have to stay 1 extra semester to complete the 6 credits that are  required.
  4. Postponing Math Science requirements too long for AD Arts eg  a  Lab course which meets 3 days a week .
  5. Postponing Math Pre-requisites to take second year Math courses.
  6. Not understanding precluded credits eg Math 100 and Math 110 count only as 1 course – 3 credits; same with Math 111 and Math 113
  7. Not understanding what counts as a second-year course e.g Psychology 120 is a second-semester course and does not NOT count as a second year course.
  8. Not having a cum GPA of 2.0 .  A cum GPA of 1.98 will NOT qualify you for an Associate degree.  You may have to repeat a course or 2 to improve cum GPA.

See a counselor for a degree audit.  It may save you problems later.

It is very sad indeed when students find out they have taken 5 extra courses or that they have completed 65 credits but do not qualify for an Associate Degree. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

– Student Services

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