Online Registration Instructions

Fall 2018 Registration InformationOn your registration day:

  1. Log onto your student portal (, making sure you select the “2018 Fall” term.
  2. Make sure that your internet browser’s pop-up blocker is turned off. (If an option comes up asking if you want to allow pop-ups, select “Always Allow” or the most similar option.)
  3. Under “Admin”click “Registration”.
  4. If you are doing your registration at the correct appointed date and time, you should see a list of available courses.
  5. Find the abbreviated course name and put the course number into the next box and then click .
    • For example, if you are looking for Computer Science 225, first you need to find CSCI and then type 225 in the box next to that.
  6. Click the “Add” box to put the class on your registration list.
  7. In order to register in a course, you must have satisfied both the prerequisite and co-requisite (see the College Calendar for more information).
  8. To finalize your registration, click on the blue “Process Registration”
  9. Once you click the “Process Registration”button, you will be officially registered.  You will be led to a Registration Checkout page that will show your class schedule.


Adding/Dropping Courses:

  • If you are registered in more than three courses, you can drop one online.
  • You can add yourself to the waitlist for the second year courses only. You will be contacted on your student e-mail address if a space becomes available in a course that you are on the waitlist for.
  • If you add a course, you must pay any balance that you owe at the time of registration.

Note: there is no 24 hour deadline to pay fees anymore. You have to pay any fees you owe at the time of registration.

Lab Courses: If you are intending to take a lab science course, you have to register yourself for the lab section as well, according to your availability.

Double Probation: If you are on double probation (your GPA was below 1.7 for two consecutive semesters), you will be blocked from registration.  To be given permission to register, you must submit an appeal.  See for more information.

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