Important Information for Students

Hello all Columbia College students,

Please read this important message from Student Services:

  1. Notice for UBC applicants for September 2019: UBC strongly advises that you apply before December 1, 2018. Students who apply before December 1 will be asked to submit their Interim Transcript before Jan 15th 2019. The Interim Transcript must show courses completed this semester, as well as courses you have registered in for the Winter Semester 2019. If your grades in Fall 2018 are high enough, you may be offered conditional acceptance as early as February/March. If you do not apply before Dec 1, but apply between Dec 1 and Jan 15, your application will not be considered until May/June, after UBC has evaluated your Final Transcript (following Winter Semester – transcript deadline May 15).
  2. Notice for UBC applicants for September 2019: the English Language Admissions Standard (ELAS) Deadline has been moved from March 15 to Feb 15. The ELAS is normally satisfied by completing 6 credits of University Transfer English (100 or 101 and a Literature course) or by completing English 100 or 101 by December and submitting an adequate external test score (for example, Ielts or Toefl). If you are completing your 6 credits of English this semester (i.e., Fall), then you will have met the requirement (this will be shown on your Interim Transcript), but if you are completing only 3 credits of English this semester, then you will most likely need to submit an external test score that satisfies UBC’s ELAS before Feb 15. If you plan to write a test like Ielts or Toefl, we suggest you do it no later than January, so that your results reach UBC before Feb 15. There are other ways of satisfying ELAS, but the 2 methods described above are the most common. Google UBC ELAS for more information on other ways to satisfy ELAS.
  3. Message for all Columbia College Students:
    Withdrawing from English 100: there has been some confusion about students’ eligibility to withdraw from English 100. Students are entitled to withdraw from English 100 by the November 5th deadline, just the same as any other university transfer course. If you want to withdraw from English 100 this semester, please see a Counsellor by November 5th (Monday). November 5th is the last day for withdrawals from any university transfer course. You are reminded that students on a Study permit are required to maintain full-time status continuously while in Canada, so if you reduce your semester course load to zero or one or two courses, you will be considered a part-time student by Immigration Canada. This means that if you become part-time, you will be in violation of the terms of your Study Permit, and it also means you will not be eligible to work until such time as you are once again a full-time student. Students who become part-time in any semester may face difficulties in the future getting Visa extensions or a Post Graduate Work Permit.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please do not hesitate to speak to any staff member at Student Services.

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