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                          All about Recycling

Ajay Pal

English 099 Section 14

7 April 2016

Is there any good and easy way to save the environment, from being a threat? The answer for this query is simply recycling. Recycling can be easily applied in our daily ongoing life to sustain the environment, as it is very advantageous for our living and environment. Whereas if recycling is not done many dangerous harms could be faced by us. According to David Durenberger, in Ken Belson essay “Recycling Peanuts and Cracker Jack”, “When you give your material to a recycler, you rely on them to do right thing; with us we have complete control over the process”. In the quotation Durenberger wants to covey that we all should move out from our comfort zone, and should start recycling the garbage by ourselves only, so that we are satisfied that we have done something good for our environment. Recycling can simply give many positive affects to our environment, and many harmful affects also to our life and environment, if it is not done. These affects can be very dangerous and could even kill us. But there are many different ways to conquer this threat.

Many life and environment saving advantages can be taken by recycling the waste. Furthermore, Jason Brennan, says in his article, “Reasons why You Should Recycle” that energy is saved through recycling as he also gives an “example The center for ecological technology found that the glass industry uses 50% less energy to create glass from recycled glass than from raw material” n .p In this quotation Brennan wants to teach that recycling is a very good and simple way to save the different types of energy like less labor power, less electricity, extra. Moreover if we all try to through the garbage into the bins, like organic ones in organic bin, recyclable bottles in recycled bins extra. We can help our environment in a good way. Furthermore Brennan says that “recycling stimulate the economy” N. P. Stimulating the economy means that if we all start recycling more, more companies would open and to run that companies more employees would be needed, by this recycling increase the employment. Amy Logan says in her essay,” The business of zero waste that if we all recycle many things can be obtain from the recycled things like fuel can be extract from wood, bottles can be made from plastic, and upholstery from cotton. Whereas Ken Belson says in his article “Recycling Peanuts And Cracker Jack” n. p . that, “composting avoids producing tons of greenhouse gases like methane and instead produces tons of mulch that can be used as fertilizer”. Like we can see from this sources that many advantages can be attain from recycling. Further more it also helps to save the natural habitat , like if waste  is not thrown in oceans, no harmful gases are inhaled  by fishes, thus there life are save too. If this simple step is taken by us means by all the human beings, defiantly environment can be saved from being polluted, dangerous, and extra for us. Otherwise if recycling is not done many harmful affects can be faced by us also.

Harmful affects can be caused if in any case recycling is not done in our daily life. As there are harmful affects if recycling is not done there are ways through which we can conquer these causes. Starting with harmful affects, according to Sarah Barnes, in her article “The effects of not recycling water bottles’ N . p.   that “ chemical leaching” is caused by ignorance of recycling. As this quotation states that if plastic bottles are not recycled a very bad chemical can come out which can make us very sick. So we should try to recycle them. Moreover Barnes says that “oceans are affected, if recycling is not done as all the trash of cities is thrown to the oceans like plastic, which are further eaten by animals because of which they die”. These plastic is taking away the lives of many loyal and beautiful creatures of environment which is not fair. Furthermore Barnes says that “when water bottles are not recycled new ones must be made to keep our consumer demand, and according to earth policy institute 1.5 million of barrels of oil are used to make enough bottles to meet us demand for bottled water”.  As we can learn from the sources that recycling is very important to apply in our life otherwise we can leave our environment to be a dangerous threat to us. Secondly  there are many ways through which we can recycle like Belson says that “ now, a growing number of teams,  eager to cut costs, are asking them to toss their food and biodegradable cutlery, trays and cups in separate bins too” . Here Belson gives a very good and easy way to recycle the garbage. Whereas, Ikea says in his article, “Ikea eyes Canadian furniture recycling”, that we all should recycle the old furniture because by this one hand environment is saved and money also. These were some simple ways to do recycling further which are very helpful for us to save the environment from getting polluted and our precious life also.

At the end recycling can be done in an easy way in our daily life and further it will save our environment and us from being affected from a bad environment. Moreover from the 3r recycling is also a good and a very affected way to do something to sustain ourselves and other natural habitat from being in danger.  But at the end question arises that after reading this. We will do something good for our environment? Or not


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