Amrit Singh

Plastics Cutback

Amrit Singh

English 099 (14)

05 April 2016

According to “great lakes struggling with invisible threat of plastic microfiber pollution” Claims, it’s very hard to remove the plastics once they’re out there. Tiny synthetic cloth fibers, and Styrofoam containers and other consumer products leave deleterious effects to aquatic diversity and living organisms in the oceans. This will lead to end to marine life in various ways; in fact plastic can be evaluable and reused by various procedures and in other systematical ways for upcoming generations.

Humans as well as all forms of animals are harmed with the advent of harmful stuff named plastic. To begin with, according to Michael Mui in famous article “City Mulls Coffee Cups, Plastic Bag Ban”.  This quotation particularly reference to the plastic flying all over the air, got inhaled to gullets of birds leading to their death. Moreover, plastics are causing extinction of varieties of fishes and marine mammals. We absolutely need to move in this direction to maintain sustainability. Amy Logan in her essay suggested that instead of using plastics we can use glass containers for carrying their belongings.

Plastics can be valuable and can be used again and again. According to the “Department of Environmental Conservation”, plastic can be revalued by reusing due to its light weight , durability and temperature tolerance. As plastics empty bottles can be used for  carrying water to picnic and camping. Plastic microwavable dishes can be used to feed pets. Plastics furniture can be recycled or it could save our money in many aspects. For instance, according to “Ikea Eyes Canadian Furniture Recycling”, expansion of retail giant’s initiative part of green push. This editorial essay explains that these companies takes old furniture from customer and make use of it and give profitable discount to them. In addition to profit, we can maintain sustainability by involving in this practice and overall this is the way of reusing the items. One of the systematic way of reducing plastic according to Michael Mui her article it can be reduced when it can be reduced from the point of sale where it is redistributed if possible, it can be done only by some organizations but it can be setting up movements against the manufactures.

To conclude, movements like, Ikea organization for recycling encourages us to do recycling and reusing not only for our own benefits as well as to save aquatic life. I predict that if all people in the society will recycle and reuse the economic value will peak!

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