Campus Services

Bookstore (2nd Floor)

Required textbooks, print cards, and other school supplies are available for Columbia College students at the Bookstore. In order to buy textbooks at the bookstore all students must present proof of registration (yellow copy of registration form or valid student card). Credit cards, debit, cash and Canadian money orders are accepted (no cheques).

If you would like to buy books that have previously been owned by other students, click here.

Library (2nd Floor)

The library offers students a wide range of materials for use. Library Staff welcome student inquiries at any time and can assist with research projects as well as other academic needs. Your Columbia College student card also serves as your library card. The Library sells print cards as well.

Nurse’s Office (Student Services, 2nd Floor)

Carolyn Langley and Claire Goth are available every week day. There is also a bed in the office if you are ill and need to lie down.  If you cannot find the nurse, you can ask for help in Student Services or at Security.

Tutorial Centre (3rd Floor)

We offer free tutoring in English, Math and Economics to students in the Tutorial Centre.  You can sign up a week in advance for a maximum of one hour each week. For more information and to sign up, click here.

Student Post / Mail

It is preferable that students receive mail at their homes. However, if this is not possible, you can have it sent to the school. When mail arrives you will be contacted via your CC email account.  The College is not responsible for lost mail.


See Josephina in the Bookstore (2nd Floor) for more information about renting a locker.

Lost & Found

Lost articles may be collected from the Bookstore on the 2nd Floor.

Printing & Photocopying

Print cards can be purchased from the Bookstore and Library and are used to print material from the computers. Copy cards can be purchased from the Library and are used to print material from the photocopy machines. You can also use your Student ID Card as a Print card by taking it to the Bookstore and showing it when you want to purchase credit.

Computers and E-mail

All Columbia College computer labs are equipped with Internet access. All students have access to a computer and a Columbia College email account. Student email accounts can be accessed through the Columbia College webpage. See the front page of this document for information on access.  If you have a problem using the Wi-Fi or college equipment, you can e-mail or see IT Services, based in Student Services on the Ground Floor.

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