Homestay Host FamilyStudying away from home is both exciting and overwhelming. Learn more about Canada and its culture by living with a Canadian family. The College can arrange for you to stay with one of our host families through our Homestay program, if you need accommodation in Vancouver.

Your Canadian family will provide 3 nutritional meals per day, a private bedroom along with high speed internet, all at an affordable price of $800-$1000 per month.

Enrich your experience; build lifelong memories while staying in Homestay.  You can contact our Homestay Coordinator, Rosemary Mooney, by e-mailing

Homestay Fees (in Canadian $, effective September 1, 2017)

  • Placement Fee: $250
  • Express Placement Fee (for less than 5 working days before placement): $350
  • Airport Pick-up: $70
  • Monthly Homestay Fee (19 or older): $825
  • Monthly Homestay Fee (18 or younger, includes custodianship): $900

For more information about the process and fees, visit or e-mail

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