How to buy Medical Insurance

Buy InsuranceIt is mandatory for all students to have Medical Insurance with coverage of at least $1 million to be able to register for the next semester. If you don’t have MSP or your own private insurance, you can buy from Guard.Me, a new company that we are working with, following the instructions below.

You can buy Medical Insurance with Guard.Me online. Insurance is no longer available from the College. This insurance costs $190 for four months. If you would like to purchase insurance for the days prior to May 1st, this will cost you $1.65 per day but means that your journey and time before the semester will be covered.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Academic Students or ESL Students.
  3. Scroll down and click Buy Insurance.
  4. Complete the information and select May 1st to August 31st for your coverage dates.
  5. Fill out your personal information, check the coverage dates and click Next.
  6. Check that your information is correct and select your payment method. You can only pay by Credit or Debit card (only debit cards with a 3-digit CVC number on the back will work), or with Paypal online. If you want to pay by Debit Card, select the option for Credit Card.
  7. Once you have paid, you will be e-mailed a copy of your policy. Print a copy or save it on your phone or tablet so that you can show us when it is your time to register.

NOTE: If you are only buying medical insurance for a month (because your MSP expires in the middle of the semester, select ESL Students when you first enter the page and select the appropriate date.

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