Student Services

The Student Services team would like to welcome you to our College and to Vancouver.  We hope that your time spent at Columbia College is filled with learning, new friends, and new experiences.

Student Services is comprised of Counsellors, a Student Services Coordinator, a Student Activities Coordinator, a Homestay Coordinator, and a Nurse.  Below are descriptions of each service and what is available to you.

  • Counsellors

We have nine counsellors that are available to help students in a variety of areas, including academic counselling, personal problems, choosing a University, and various other procedures such as extending your Study Permit.

  • Student Services Assistants

We have two Student Services Assistants who are current students at the College employed to help you. They can help you to see a Counsellor, print your ID card or insurance card and answer any questions that you have.

  • Student Services Manager

Rose Black, the Student Services Manager, assists students with issues that they have, as well as running campaigns throughout the year to help you get the most of your time here at Columbia College. She also organizes major academic events such as Orientation, Graduation and the Scholarship Ceremonies.

  • Student Activities Coordinator

Alex Rowe, the Student Activities Coordinator, organizes fun events and clubs for you to take part in. To find out more about our trips and activities planned, click on the Clubs & Activities tab above. Alex also sells Steve Nash gym passes.

  • Homestay Coordinator

Rosemary Mooney, the Homestay Coordinator, refers students to Canadian Homestay families that have been screened and selected by the College. Students may contact her regarding their homestay arrangement at any time. Her office is Room 265 near the Main Reception.

  • Nurses

Carolyn Langley and Claire Goth, the College Nurses, provides on-site first aid, treat minor medical problems and can refer students to an appropriate doctor if necessary. Carolyn and Claire can be found in Room 223 and is available to discuss any health concerns, but feel free to approach any staff member if a problem arises.

Please don’t hesitate to come and see any member of the Student Services team if you have any questions.

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