You & Your Health

If you do not feel well and you do not know where to get help, here are some suggestions:

  • Tell your teacher, the College nurse, a counsellor or the Student Services Coordinator.
  • See a doctor.
  • Remember for medical ermergencies, please call 911.

Medical Clinics near Columbia College

If you are insured with or have MSP then you can show your card and you will not need to pay to be seen by a doctor.       

Stein Medical Clinics (Walk in clinics where you do not need an appointment)

  • 877 Dunsmuir Street (nearest to Granville Street SkyTrain station)
  • Telephone: (604) 688-5924
  • Open weekdays and Saturdays.
  • (Note: Dr. Fang speaks Mandarin and Cantonese)
  • 188-550 Burrard Street (nearest to Burrard SkyTrain station)
  • Telephone: (604) 688-5924
  • Weekdays only.

Ultima Medicentre

  • 1055 Dunsmuir Street (Bentall building at Plaza Level – shares an entrance with the Bentall Centre Athletic Club)
  • Telephone: (604) 683-8138

Visit this page for information about whether there is a clinic in the area where you live that you can attend without paying (for MSP card holders or policy holders):

If you are ill outside of normal office hours, you can go to a hospital emergency room and see a doctor there.  If there is an emergency and you need medical care immediately, call an ambulance by dialling 9-1-1.  If you are not able to ask for an ambulance and give your address in English, you may do so in your own language.  However, you need to say in English what your own language is and then wait a moment while they call an operator to help you in your language.

The hospitals nearest to the College are:

  • Saint Paul’s Hospital: 1081 Burrard Street, Vancouver
  • Vancouver General Hospital: 855 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver

Please call or your Private Insurer for further instructions and bring your policy number with you if possible.

Medical Insurance

The law in British Columbia states that all international students MUST have medical insurance. With this insurance you can see a doctor and get medical help free of charge.

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