Book Sales

libraryWe’re changing the way that we help you sell your second hand books!

Now, you just need to visit this page:

You will need to create an account, and then you can post as many of your used books as you like. You will need to arrange to meet the person you are buying from or selling to. Arrange to meet them in College or another public place for your safety.

87 thoughts on “Book Sales

  1. Hhelloo i need mass communication 110 english 099 and applied science 160 books
    Please lemme know as early as possible thankew

  2. I need english 100 book …strategies for successful writing edition 5 which is blue in color please let me know is anyone have this book .

  3. Hi guys! Anybody need the book Strategies for successful writing: a rhetoric research guide for english 100, drop me a text 778-927-2241

  4. hello sellers I am looking for two books one physics 120 and english 100 strategies for successful writing edition 5 at a cheap price

  5. I have books for English classes which are called The multicultural workshop, twelve angry men, communicate what you mean and Strategies for successful writing , if anyone wants, email me or text me by 778-251-7046

  6. Hi guys, books for sale
    Cambell Biology 3rd Edition For BIO 110 and 120
    General Chemistry 10 th Edition For CHEM 121 and 123 with solution manual
    Calculus Early Transcendentals 10th Edition For MATH 113 and 114

    plzz contact me at 604 300 4116 or email me

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