Tutor Schedule – Booking System for Week 13

Want to Book a Tutoring Appointment?

There will be NO ONLINE SCHEDULE for booking tutors during the final week of classes (Nov 26 – Dec 1).

If you want an appointment with a tutor you must come to the Learning Centre (Room 411) and write your name on our scheduling board. Students can sign up for appointments on FRIDAY, NOV 23 at 10:00 am.

*Can’t make it to the Learning Centre this Friday? In class at 10:00 am? Do not worry.

Come to the Learning Centre on MONDAY, NOV 26 at 4:00 pm to book an appointment for next Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Come to the Learning Centre if you have any questions.

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Applying to Sauder?

Hey Sauder! Are you applying to Sauder School of Business at UBC in Fall 2019? Attend a workshop hosted by our Academic Advisor Deborah to get help on how to create the best personal profile that will showcase your skills and strengths!

Email dwatson@columbiacollege.ca to sign up. 🙂

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Registration and Orientation Volunteering Opportunity (Winter 2019)

Edited on Nov. 27th:

This semester, we have two great volunteering opportunities available to all students:

  • Registration Champions (10 positions available) These volunteers will support us in the build up to registration for all continuing students. Volunteers must commit to at least 1 FULL day of volunteering in total. Students wishing to take part in this opportunity must be available from Wednesday, December 12 to Monday, December 17, all day (5 days in total).
  • Orientation Volunteers (15 positions available for each day) will help orientate and register all of our new students from December 18th to January 4th  (but not every day!).  Volunteers must commit to at least 1 FULL day of volunteering in total and priority will be given to students who are available every day.  Orientation Volunteers must also be available to attend mandatory training on Tuesday, November 27th  at 4 pm.

To apply for one or both of these positions, please complete this application form: https://goo.gl/forms/WI95jNNoxm1ijHmA2

The deadline to apply is Tuesday, November 20 at 5pm.

We often get a lot of applications and will use the information below to select the best candidates.  Take your time to make sure this is a good application, so that you have a better chance of being selected. This application form is for both, but you do not have to apply for both – please indicate which opportunity you are applying for in the form.


Paddles Up & Take it Away!


Do you love water sports? Want to stay fit while having fun with your friends and race in North America’s largest international dragon boat festival in June 2019? Join Columbia College’s dragon boat team! 🚣🏾‍♂️

Sign up with Jerica at Student Services by Nov. 23 if you’re interested in joining the team. No experience necessary. 💪 Cost is $100 per student and we need 21 students for a complete team.

CC Riders, Columbia College’s competitive medal-winning dragon boat team is looking for dedicated and determined students to go for gold in the 2019 @dragonboatbc festival. Are you up for the challenge? Join one of the college’s most famous sports teams!

Practices start in February, once a week (day and time to be decided).
No refunds.

Here’s what you’ll get out of it:
✔️Your own CC Riders team jersey
✔️Expert training and competition entry from an awesome coach
✔️Certificate of Participation
✔️Lifelong friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Important Information for Students

Hello all Columbia College students,

Please read this important message from Student Services:

  1. Notice for UBC applicants for September 2019: UBC strongly advises that you apply before December 1, 2018. Students who apply before December 1 will be asked to submit their Interim Transcript before Jan 15th 2019. The Interim Transcript must show courses completed this semester, as well as courses you have registered in for the Winter Semester 2019. If your grades in Fall 2018 are high enough, you may be offered conditional acceptance as early as February/March. If you do not apply before Dec 1, but apply between Dec 1 and Jan 15, your application will not be considered until May/June, after UBC has evaluated your Final Transcript (following Winter Semester – transcript deadline May 15).
  2. Notice for UBC applicants for September 2019: the English Language Admissions Standard (ELAS) Deadline has been moved from March 15 to Feb 15. The ELAS is normally satisfied by completing 6 credits of University Transfer English (100 or 101 and a Literature course) or by completing English 100 or 101 by December and submitting an adequate external test score (for example, Ielts or Toefl). If you are completing your 6 credits of English this semester (i.e., Fall), then you will have met the requirement (this will be shown on your Interim Transcript), but if you are completing only 3 credits of English this semester, then you will most likely need to submit an external test score that satisfies UBC’s ELAS before Feb 15. If you plan to write a test like Ielts or Toefl, we suggest you do it no later than January, so that your results reach UBC before Feb 15. There are other ways of satisfying ELAS, but the 2 methods described above are the most common. Google UBC ELAS for more information on other ways to satisfy ELAS.
  3. Message for all Columbia College Students:
    Withdrawing from English 100: there has been some confusion about students’ eligibility to withdraw from English 100. Students are entitled to withdraw from English 100 by the November 5th deadline, just the same as any other university transfer course. If you want to withdraw from English 100 this semester, please see a Counsellor by November 5th (Monday). November 5th is the last day for withdrawals from any university transfer course. You are reminded that students on a Study permit are required to maintain full-time status continuously while in Canada, so if you reduce your semester course load to zero or one or two courses, you will be considered a part-time student by Immigration Canada. This means that if you become part-time, you will be in violation of the terms of your Study Permit, and it also means you will not be eligible to work until such time as you are once again a full-time student. Students who become part-time in any semester may face difficulties in the future getting Visa extensions or a Post Graduate Work Permit.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please do not hesitate to speak to any staff member at Student Services.