College Email, Student Portal and Wi-fi Access

How to log into your Columbia College E-mail:

Go to and click Login at the top right side of the page.

Enter your Username as your Student Number and your password as cc!MMDDYY where MMDDYY is your own date of birth (e.g. cc!082190 if your birthday is August 21st, 1990).

It is essential that you check your college e-mail account several times a week as your instructors will use it to send information about your courses and you will receive important announcements about the College on it.

Click this link to check your Columbia College e-mail account.

How to log into your Student Portal:

Go to and enter the same username and password as your did for your college email.

(Username: Student Number, Password: cc!MMDDYY)

How to access Wi-fi around school:

The username and password for wi-fi around school is the same as your login information for your college email and student portal. (Username = Student Number, Password = cc!MMDDYY)

If you are still unable to access wi-fi after keying in the correct information, go to room 218 in Student Services and consult with IT services.

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