Daljit Kaur

Common People and the Environment

Daljit Kaur

English 099 sec. 14

5 April 2016

According to Lucy Siegle in her book Recycle: The Essential Guide, “[Recycling] breads creativity and ingenuity…like magic [which] turns rubbish into something special” (11). For instance, Siegle notes that

In Norway, Norwegians recycle beverage cartons along with their name and contact number on it. Then each municipality draw, and the recyclable products are effectively the tickets to win a cash prize. (78)

This example suggests common people and government can mutually help towards saving our planet and can reduce the impact of consumerism on our environment. By recycling paper, plastic, and household items we can contribute a lot towards saving the environment.

Firstly, by recycling of paper, we can improve our earth a lot. Usage of paper has sky-rocketed and to fulfil the requirement, trees are being senselessly cut down, which results in deforestation. Siegle claims that “Only 5% of Scandiavian old- growth forests now remain…” (40). Brain Green also explains that rainforest is the biggest supplier of oxygen, but almost half of the trees have been cut down, in his article “The Enemy In The Mirror”(259-260). Moreover, if we throw paper away, it creates methane gas during rotting, which contributes to the green house effect, explains Siegle (41). This illustrates thet we have damaged our environment a lot. One of the best methods to lessen deforestation and green hose effect is to adopt habit of recycling. If we recycle, no more trees will be cut down. Moreover, recycled paper is not re-bleached. So, this reduces the amount of dioxins in the environment (42). In this way, by recycling, we can save our environment.

Secondly, by recycling of plastic, we can help to save the environment because plastic is widely used but at the same time it is very harmful to the environment. Plastic bags have affected our eco-system. In the Amy logan’s article “The Business Of Zero Waste” Brianne Miller says “She has seen firsthand the devastating impacts of our food system has on the oceans.” Moreover, in the news article “City Mulls Coffee Cups, Plastic Bag Ban”, “[Plastic bags]…caught in bird gullets [and]…causing incredible amount of death of wild life, fish, and marine animals” explains Adraine Carr. (quoted in Mui 3). This two evidences show that plastic is very harmful for our environment. Therefore, instead of throwing plastic away, we should recycle plastic. Also, we should not be lazy in carrying the plastic bag for sometime. We should use bins to put waste. So, towards saving the environment recycling of plastic can help a lot.

Recycling of household items is another method to save the environment. Furniture and mattresses are creating huge pollution in the environment. I have seen useless furniture items and mattresses in the front of several houses, in Canada. If we recycle those items, we can save the environment and meanwhile, we can get some money. In a news article “Ikea Eyes Canadian Furniture Recycle” writer explains that take back program give opportunity to the people to recycle their furniture items at Ikea stores and get credits in the exchange. This means that people will get profit by recycling old and useless furniture. There is an another evidence from logan’s news article about a business company named Owner Fabio Scaldeferri which recycle mattresses and in this way become a world’s leader in mattress recycling. These are good methods to get rid of waste material in the environment friendly manner. These are the ways to save our earth by recycling household items.

It is concluded that we have harmed our earth a lot and we are responsible for the bad condition of our earth. But I think common people have a lot of powers in saving the environment. It is difficult to back to the initial condition, but “something is better than nothing”, says Julie Karey. We can recycle paper, plastic, and household items to save the environment. We should make changes in our daily life, so that we can contribute towards saving the environment. Furthermore, we should follow rules and collaborate with the government rules to save the environment. In this way, we can improve the situation of our earth.



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