Gurjot Singh Sidhu

Its time to save the Planet

Gurjot Singh Sidhu

English 099 Sec. 14

7 April 2016

                                                An Importance of the 3R’s in Our Life

               Amy Logan says in her article “ The Business of Zero Waste”

                        “The town of  Kamikatsu, Japan […].The town’s 1700 residents sort their trash

into 34 different categories. The town has no incinerator and 80 percent of the

garbage recycled[…].”

Reducing , reusing and recycling leads to happy life and stable environment. Environmental sustainability is the major issue of today, because not a everyone cares about the environment. We can say that, our daily are activities pushing our planet towards the black hole. For instance, when we use more, we have to produce more. To produce more we follow the ways which are unfriendly for our environment; we have to setup more industries which leads to more pollution. To reduce pollution and to make the environment stable, we have to apply reducing, reusing and recycling to our daily lives.

Reducing and reusing are good ideas to save the environment and to make it sustainable. Michael Mui says in his article “City Mulls Coffee Cups, Plastic Bag Ban”, Due to incalculable use of plastic bags, these bags are found everywhere and has become a disaster to the environment and also for the animals. When by mistake, animals eat the plastic bags , these bags stuck in their throat which leads to death(3). Moreover, a lots of  plastic bags dumped into oceans, these  dumped bags creates many problems for marine creatures. To save the environment and animals, we have to reduce the number of plastic bags as much as we can. Instead of these plastic bags, we can use the cloth bags, which are recyclable. The article “Ikea Eyes Canadian Furniture Recycling” suggests that, we can use “the energy-saving LED bulbs” instead of other types of  light bulbs. This article gives a suggestion to us, to use the things which consumes less energy as compared to other, to reduce the usage of electricity. Furthermore, we can use solar-water heaters and solar-cookers on the place of those heaters and cookers which  works on the electricity, we can also produce a light through a solar panels. By doing this we can save the environment because we can produce electricity by using sunlight. Logan’s says that “[…] The market enables customers to bring their own refillable containers for bulk dry goods and other groceries.” She provides a good example of reusing, when we reuse the glass containers, it leads to reduce the number of bags which are used in grocery stores. These articles suggest us to reuse the things and reduce the usage of  things which are not reusable. However reducing and reusing are convenient methods to save the environment, but recycling is the best way to make the environment stable.

By another method, which is recycling, we can control the pollution as well as make the environment sustainable. Atakan Ongen gives us a solution that, by using their method we can convert the produced waste into a energy. He gives the way through which our produced plastic waste can be recycled and can be converted into a synthetic fuel gas(915-924). From this evidence, we know that there are too many ways to recycle the waste, we also have a processes which converts the waste into useful gases like, methane gas produced from cow dung in biogas plants, this gas is used for cooking purposes. Harvey Bryan suggest us in his article of “ Recycling”, to recycle the things, he provides an example of “ manufacturers grinding up the waste glass” and use it to make new glass containers and also as “ a substitute for the sand in a concrete.” Furthermore, “ recycled motor oil can be used as an industrial fuel oil.” These examples show to us that, our waste material is useful so we have to recycled the things. Moreover, we can recycle a our daily organic waste by composting. In a method of composting, we can make a useful fertilizers from our organic waste  produced in our daily life. Recycling is more successful as compare with other methods of waste management.

At the end, I would like to conclude that, by using the 3R’s we can save our environment and make it stable. When we apply reducing, reusing and recycling to our daily lives, these will make our life smooth and happy. We need to become more conscious about the environment otherwise our planet will be no longer available for us to live. We should make some considerations to save our environment.


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