Gurkirat Kaur

The Power of a 3r’s to save the Environment

Gurkirat Kaur

English 099

07 april 2016

Earth is our home and the environment is place where we live, breathe, eat and grow up. We need the well being of all the species living on earth. Our environment is diminishing day by day and we all pretend to say about environment that we should do this or that for environment but in reality some people through waste material here and there, without thinking about our motherland. The powerful weapon of 3r’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is most impactful way to convince our community to save the environment

From the 3r’s first “R” is listed Reduce, it means one should produce less trash then we have less need to recycle and reuse. Sheryl Eisenberg said in her article.

“The 3r’s still rule” “when you shop, shop differently. Look for things that will last things that are not just durable and well made, but useful and beautiful enough to please you for a long time. The extra money you spend on their acquisition will be offset by the money you do not spend replacing them.”

In this quotation Sheryl wants us to shop in a different style for the betterment of our environment, we should look at those things that are in good condition then maintain and repair it when needed. Rose Kivi describes in her article, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: sorting it all out” I want to suggest some points that can help us to save our environment. Purchases less items before you buy something ask your self, “Do I really need this”? If the answer is no then don’t buy it. Additionally, actively buy items that have earth friendly packaging, put your computer on power saving mode. Reducing is best way to save our environment but it is not the easiest way because we have to do some sacrifices.

The second “R” is reuse and it means using things again instead of throwing it or sending it to a recycling company. Amy Logan advised in her newspaper article “the business of zero waste” that customers can reuse their cups and containers for buying drinks and can purchase grocery with them. I want to share some points: A jam jar can use for left overs, an envelope can become a shopping list, a magazine can be shared with other people and old clothes can be donated to needy persons. Rose Kivi describes in her article “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: sorting it all out” that we should make diapers for baby with old sweaters and can also make scarfs. Also, gather up old boxes, scrap paper, magazines, newspaper, cans, bottles and cloth material from around the house, along with some scissors, glue, paint and crayons, and you have everything you need to have some fun. Make unique birthday cards by cutting out magazine photos and gluing them to cardboard or paper. Kids have great imaginations; you might be surprised on the unique creations they make out of old stuff from around the house. You can also give old items a new shape. Reusing can overcome the problem of waste material that we put in trash bins.

The last “R” is recycling and it means turn items into new objects instead of throwing them in the trash. Recycling company melts down trash such as cars, bottles, mattress to create new materials to reproduce new things. Sjostrand explains in “ikea eyes Canadian furniture recycling” he is member of this company in metro news. In Canada they have started recycling program for paper, cans, plastic, bulbs and mattresses, and they also put on sale light bulbs in favour of energy- saving LED bulbs.  This is planet friendly work in commerce and they also plan to open 12 more full size stores over the next decade in Canada. So, I want that we should use recycling method of Ikea Company; we should also join them to help for saving our environment.

To conclude, these 3r’s are very important to save our environment. So, we should take few steps individually to save our environment, nature give us resources to live on this earth, so we should save our environment.

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