Harmanjot Singh Punian


 Save the Environment by 3R’s

Harmanjot Singh Punian

English 099 Sec 14

How can 3R’s be a good way to tackle the problem of garbage. Our environment is becoming polluted and we should use 3R’s for survival in the future. In the early centuries, there was less wastage; however, nowadays we are producing lots of garbage due to high population and man made products. We should find a change; therefore, we need 3R’s to protect our environment. You can solve this issue by altering your lifestyle. Change your habits and save the environment by recycling, reducing, and reusing.

Recycling is necessary to make our environment livable. First of all, recycling is more economic than making a new product.  As Tom Zeller, Jr explains in his article “High- Tech Trash – Recycling: The Big Picture” “Consider the true cost of a product over its entire life- from harvesting the raw materials to creating, consuming, and disposing of it- and the scale tips dramatically in recycling’s favor”.  Apart from this, recycling is helpful in reducing the consumption of our natural resources, because we can use metals and plastic bottles again and again. Furthermore, Amy Logan reports in her article “The business of zero waste” that a company recycled over 350,000 mattresses on a large scale. This shows us that we can also use recycling to set up a business. Recycling is really important to make our environment clean.            Reducing is equally important to recycling. First of all, we can reduce the packaging of our household items which could reduce our garbage. Moreover, Brian Green points out in his article “Enemy in the Mirror” that Canadians produce 275000 tonnes of non-biodegradable diapers annually (259). In order to reduce our consumption; we need to change our lazy habits. Apart from this, Micheal Mui argues in her article “City Mulls Coffee Cup, Plastic Bag Ban” that the staff at Vancouver city is trying some ways to ensure deposit charges, restrict or ban various garbage products ending in city’s litter bins (3). This shows us that we have to reduce our consumption of wastage products to decrease the garbage which is filling our litter bins. Reducing is really essential for environment.

It is important to recognize that reusing has also its own advantages.  First of all, reusing should be our priority option than recycling, because if we are using any product again and again then, there is less need of recycling. Moreover, Logan says that the zero waste market allows consumers to bring their own containers for purchasing dry fruits and other groceries. This example shows us that market is promoting reusing. Apart from this, reusing prevents the solid waste entering the landfill and improves our surrounding. Therefore, reusing has its own benefits.

In a nutshell, it can be said that you should change your lifestyle and protect the surrounding by recycling, reducing, and reusing. you should use these three strategies to live eco-friendly. It should be main motive of youth to make our surrounding garbage free. We should not be ruthless towards our environment. Finally, we should solve this problem as soon as possible; otherwise, we will have to live in between stocks of garbage.



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