Jashandeep Singh


Recycling Or Reusing?

Jashandeep Singh

English 099

5 April 2016

Which is better to reduce waste recycling or reusing? Now a days people are much aware about environment pollution due to waste generated in our homes in day to day life. To reduce waste and save our environment one of the best ways is to use 3R principles which are Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. These 3Rs have different roles to play but to reduce waste we can use Recycle and Reuse. I think recycling is better than reusing.

Recycling can play major role to reduce waste in reduce waste in large amount. In an article “The business of zero waste” by Amy Logan in Metro News says that “The town of Kamikatsu, Japan [……..] Having 1700 residents sort their thrash into 34 different categories. The town has no incinerator and 80 percent of the garbage is recycled. They are aiming for 100 percent by 2020”. This example describes that recycling can reduce waste in large amount but we have to put more effort to separate different types of garbage. It’s a good idea to use proper method to separate garbage in different type to reduce waste and to save environment. Recycling can also be done at large scale as from an article “Ikea eyes Canadian furniture recycles” in Metro News talk about a “take back” program which will be started soon by Ikea Furniture Company in Canada. In this program they are going to take old furniture from people with exchange of store credits. After this, they are going to recycle that old furniture to make new one. This recycling has two positive effects on environment first this will reduce the amount of waste and other effect by usage of old furniture wood they will cut less trees which is going to be good for environment. Recycling is better way to reduce waste but reusing is also a way to reduce waste.

Reusing is another method to reduce waste. An article by Rashel Tremblay “Rethinking, Revising, and Revisioning: the 3Rs” from magazine Natural Life talk about reuse in a specific paragraph says that “Many materials can be reused for arts and crafts, gardening tools and even home made funnels […..] Donating to and shopping at second hand store are great way to reuse clothing, toys, books and other home items” (14-15). This example is also a good idea to reduce waste by reusing old things in a proper way. It’s good to use old coffee cups, cans, etc. to use in art and craft to decorate homes. From another article “The business of zero waste” by Amy Logan said this “A shopper scoops bulk granola into a recyclable glass containers at zero market Vancouver […] the market enables customers to bring their own refillable containers foe bulk dry goods and other groceries. […..] They are excited to see the zero waste movement growing and estimated that they already prevent almost 1,000 containers from entering the landfill.” This will give us example of proper usage of old things to reduce waste and to save this environment. Reusing old things in proper way can reduce waste.

To conclude, it can be said that recycling is a better way to reduce waste because it can be done at large scale but we cannot ignore reusing it’s also used to reduce waste. What is your view about this recycling and reusing? And are you agree with me?



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