Jaspreet Kaur Dhaliwal


Jaspreet K. Dhaliwal

Eng. 099 Sec. 14

5 April 2016

How we can save the environment by recycling?

Daniella Russo in the book, “Garbage and Recycling”,

“What happened to that mantra “Reduce, Reuse [and] Recycle?

Today the recycling part of that has taken off somewhat. But is it

too little, too late? A placebo, a myth?” (175).

From centuries the quality of recycling has been appreciated. To form a new armament, metal items have been recycled. During the Second World War, recycling help a lot in turning the pieces of metal into new weapons.an industrial civilization started to crop enlarging figure of garbage, recycling hold a new meaning. The process of recycling is changed from old version of ancient times to new ones. We should recycle plastic bags and follow the programs to save the environment(73).

Plastic bags create lots of disturbance in the ecological environment. “Plastic bags are made of high density polyethylene and titanium chloride…complex carbons and transitional metal” said by Marc Burnight. From these lines it is clear that plastic bags are very difficult to decompose. Some of the plastic bags are thrown into oceans, which ends the life of marine mammals. In fact, every minute plastic bags are used in million. According to Thomas Jefferson, “We must use a good deal of economy in our wood, never cutting down new, where we can make the old do”. This quotation explains when we are using something, use it to the extent how much we can rather than taking the new. In the article, “City Mulls Coffee Cup, Plastic Ban Bag” Michael Mui explain that plastic bags…in the air they are flying and the birds are colliding with these bags. The birds are falling into oceans which cause death to wildlife and marine mammals (3). From the article, “Headache Are the Recycling Industry”, Patty Moore says that to wrap paper towel rolls and toilet paper , plastic is used and these all should be transfer to recyclers. So, recycling is the best way to reduce plastic bags.

Several programs can help us to save the environment. In the article “Metro News” Reimer describes the food programs, for example, Vancouver developed the strategy as a “green plan for a world city” and other cities are going to notice the Vancouver program to save the environment and trying to follow it. The most important program “take back” helps to save the environment. Ikea is the one who bring this program to Canada. “Ikea eyes Canadian furniture recycling” Stefan sjostrand explains “If we can have an impact on people’s lives at home, we could have a huge impact on the environment”. These lines conclude that the idea of furniture we have can be recycled rather buying a resell their items or recycle them. Moreover, there is also another program that helps in recycling about “Plastics, paper, light bulbs and mattresses in place in Canada, and was also the first retailer in the country to phase out the sale of incandescent light bulbs in favors of energy saving LED bulbs”. So, these are the two programs that could be beneficial.

To conclude, the plastic bags help to save our environment. We should not throw the bags on grounds instead try to get them into bins to recycle. So, that the life of future generation can be saved and they also do the same work of recycling to save our environment. As along with, programs are also useful in saving the environment. We must use good deal of economy, so to preserve our environment.

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