It’s Time To Wake Up And Save The Environment

Mohak, English 099

5 april 2016


            Resources are scarce and our demands are infinite. What if we would continue to consume at this rate without recycling? This will lead to scarcity of resources; it already has and will get worse. Our future generations would not be able to enjoy the resources present in our surroundings, specifically the good and the clean atmosphere to live. Recycling is absolutely one of the easiest ways to save the environment. So I am raising my voice to wake up those lazy people who still keep their eyes closed and I am suggesting that recycling can make a huge impact in saving our environment in such a manner, that even our future generations would be able to live up their lives in a healthy atmosphere with full of resources.

Wake up lazy people. According to Brian Green in his essay “Enemy In The Mirror”, he says that “our planet is under attack” at Environment. Now I am spotting light on those who are the attackers as Green stated in his essay. If the attack was made by someone from outside so we would have came up together, but it’s us only. We the humans are the culprit as Green described in his essay “Enemy In The Mirror”, he stated the its time to look up into the mirror and realize that we the humans are the culprit for causing threat to the environment by using the resources without any planning and not even thinking of recycling. It’s our greed as Green said that has been destroying and wasting the resources widely. But that’s not the end point of all the problem. According to my survey, people take initiative in such plans only if they would be benefited. So there Ikea came up with a take back programme where they would take your furniture and give you new furniture at low prices. So if you guys will open your eyes and pressurize your mind to locate what’s happening, so you would find its recycling. So recycling and reducing consumption all together can surely make a huge impact on saving the environment

Does it make sense to recycle? The short answer is yes. To save the resources for our future generations, we need to save the environment, and recycling is the easiest way to take a step ahead. The more we would recycle, the less we would demand from the environment, which would surely result in the betterment of the environment. Tom Zeller. Jr. is his article “Recycling: the big picture” states that in an “international study published last year by the waste and resources action programme , a British group, researchers compared more than 180 municipal waste management systems. Recycling proved better for the environment than burying or burning waste in 83 percent of the cases”. This is because recycling do not harm the environment like burning does, because when we burn something like wood, or plastic, ample number of harmful gases release from doing that which causes global warming too. So it does make sense to reuse the product and to reduce consumption altogether. But given the rising mounds of waste worldwide, it also strongly makes sense to recycle. So as Michael Mui said is his article “City Mulls Coffee Cup, Plastic Bag Ban” that we should ban the plastic bags and coffee cups, but if we think deeply so we actually can’t ban something. We can only avoid the use of them and make a start ahead. So did I, I work at food court outlet OPA it’s a Greek outlet and manufactures send breads in plastic bags, we cant change the policies of manufactures but what all we started is that, we don’t tear up the plastic bags, we open it nicely and keep all the bags and at the end of the day we send back all the bags back to the manufactures so that he could use those bags again to pack the breads. This is because plastic is a non- degradable product and when it falls down at any place, it takes the soil fertility out of that place. It gets into the oceans as Mui said and affects the water bodies to the core. So the bag that we think is just a small thing can harm all types of the threat to the environment. If we pay attention to Amy Logan’s article “the business of zero waste”, she is emphasizing our attention on a town of japan, where people are managing their garbage into 34 different bins just so that to make it easy for the authorities to recycle the waste products. This is actually a great start ahead and an inspiring idea too, to follow.

So till the time we would not start, we would not get somewhere. When we would actually take a step ahead, I know we will not be there but at least we would be a bit more closer to our aim than ever before. So yes, today is the day. Wake up your souls, open up your eyes and start recycling. It feels good to save something for our upcoming family and fellow mates.

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