Mohsen Negaresh




                Recycle to save our future

Mohsen Negaresh

English 099 Section 14

7 April 2016

Throwing out trash is actually like throwing out money, when we throw out recyclable wastes like paper or glass is basically like we are throwing out money in to trash because its costs huge amount of  money, energy and raw material from our natural resources to make up items and goods like paper or glass etc. According to Buffy Silverman in his book “Recycling” he describes “Everyday we throw out a lot of garbage, some the material that we throw out can be reused other can be recycled in to new products when we look closely at what we throw out, we can discover new use from our trash” (34). We can recycle and reuse our waste in to new products instead of just throwing it in to the garbage because recycling really worth because it can conserve our environment and it can save us money, energy and our limited natural resources. Recycling waste material is a good way to save our environment and conserve our natural resources.

Recycling is really worthy process to perform because recycling help us to save our environment it reduce the amount of waste that is going to be burned or buried in to our environment, recycling not only helps to save our environment but it can help us to save our natural resources for example like coal, gas, oil etc. Recycling process also help us to reduce the impact of global warming and its effects which is a concern to our planet because instead of simply burning our wastes and producing CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and green house gases in our atmosphere and begin ruthless toward our environment we can recycle our waste to new products and save our planet from dangerous effects like green house gases. Rinkesh points in his article “Advantages and disadvantages of recycling”. “Recycling ensure that the burning process is minized any waste is regenerated as a useful product with no mineral harmful impact on the environment”.

Recycling can save us some money, energy and time. Through recycling we can save money and our environment at the same time, there are many private companies that they do recycling and they pay cash or credits in exchange for your trash or used items which can save us some money and through this process we are saving our environment too. According to Metro News and article named as “IKEA eyes Canadian furniture recycling” states that IKEA is looking at brining a ‘‘take back’’ program to Canada which allows the consumers to exchange their old furniture in exchange to credit store.

In my point of view our indolence is the major cause of pollution of our environment and it can lead in to bad consequences actually to be honest we are harming our environment by producing a lot of non degradable wastes, using our private vehicles and throwing our wastes in to oceans etc. And instead of finding a solution to these problems we are careless and not responsible toward the activities we do. All of us have to be responsible to the activities we do because everything we do has an impact toward our environment and planet. According to Brain Green in his article “the enemy in the mirror” he describes that our planet is under attack the enemy is not aliens space shuttles we are our own enemy and we are running our own environment and still we are careless but if our planet was under attack by space ship or aliens we would throw every gram of our strength to fight against them and save our planet. We have to stop this bad habit of being lazy and careless and we have to feel responsible and fulfil our responsibilities in environment by paying more attention toward things we are doing in our environment or doing recycling or reusing our waste materials in to new products in order to save our environment. We can encourage other people to do recycling as well every single thing we do we can have a huge impact on our environment.

To sum up, many of the things that we throw away can be recycled in to new products. Recycling can conserve our natural resources and environment and we can encourage other people to recycle also. With recycling we can reduce the amount of trash thrown in to our landfills and we can save our planet from being harmed. It is the responsibility of everyone to solve our trash problem and being responsible to it. By recycling or reusing we can save energy and produce less pollution to be able to create a wonderful and green planet.

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