Nancy Arora


             3R’s to save the Environment

Nancy Arora

English 099

07 April 2016

The Environment is very essential in every aspect of life. But nowadays, we are on the way to destroying it. The amount of waste created per person is doubling after each year. According to Get the Facts in official website of “Carry Your Cup”, “Americans throws away 25 billions Styrofoam coffee cups every year”. Like this, our planet will sink rapidly. We have to do something to conserve it. We should use three words in our daily life to conserve and protect our environment: reducing, reusing and recycling.

Let’s begin with first R which is reducing means use all products in limited way. According to Adriane Carr “City Mulls Coffee Cups, Plastic Bags Ban”, “Plastic bags…. They’re flying all through the air, they’re caught in birds gullets, they get into the ocean and the plastics are causing an incredible amount of death-wildlife, fish and marine mammals, it’s a real cause of concern…. We absolutely need to move in this direction”(qtd in Mui 3).  From the above quotation we come to know about the devastating effects of plastic bags on the life of fishes and marine mammals. We have to reduce the use of plastic bags to give peaceful life to these animals. Moreover, to conserve and be earth friendly we should try some techniques to decrease our usage. According to Rose Kivi in her article “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Sorting it out” on bright hub website, there are some steps to reduce our fossil fuel usage. She says we should purchase less number of items with less packaging, use items sparingly. Further she says we should lower our “carbon footprints” by purchasing energy efficient appliances, switch off lights etc. Last step she suggests to use less papers. By applying these methods in our daily life, we can somewhere help to conserve our environment by reducing.

The second most important strategy is reusing. It means to use again instead of throwing something in a bin. According to Rose Kivi in her article “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle : sorting it out” she explains

“some creative ways to use old household items in new ways. Make cloth baby diapers out of old wool sweaters. You can also get some clothing items such as a scraft or mitten. You can also do some crafting like gather up old boxes, scrap paper, magazines, newspaper, cans, bottles and clothes material from around the house, along with some scissors, glue, paint and crayon and you have everything you need to have some fun, paint and decorate old cereal boxes and turn them into jewelry boxes. You can also make birthday cards by cutting out magazine photos and gluing them on paper or cardboard.”

These are little ideas through which we can reuse something into new thing. You should also try your imagination to come up with new items. This is our second main method to save our environment by reusing.

At last, we have 3 R which is recycling. Recycling is using useless material into new product. For example, Amy Logan in her article “The business of zero waste” says “The town   Kamikatsu’s 1700 residents sort their trash into 34 different categories. The town has no incinerator and 80 percent of the garbage is recycled. They are aiming for 100% by 2020”

From this example we had a good moral lesson from them and we should also try to recycle our wastage, if they can do it then why we can’t? Further with another illustration from the newspaper article “Ikea Eyes Canadian Furniture Recycling”, there are many programs at Ikea, they had recycling program for many things like mattress, paper, light bulb, plastics etc. Ikea was first retailer in Canada who sale out incandescent light bulbs to save the energy. From this example we come to know about the things which are recycled at Ikea. I would strongly recommend all of you to use their recycling program and put some contribution to save our mother earth.

To conclude, reducing, reusing and recycling are helpful ways to protect our natural beauty. Environment is home for every human being. We should use these key points and take care of environment to have a peaceful life. Can you put some steps to save our mother earth?


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