Mindfulness Courses at the Crisis Centre


Feeling stressed out about school? Register for mindfulness courses at the Crisis Centre! The Centre offers half-day workshops or a new 8-week online program.

In these sessions, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of mindfulness
  • Learn why and how it can help with self-care and stress reduction
  • Explore recent research and brain science
  • Provide a mix of information, discussion, practice and reflection
  • Introduce simple, practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into daily life

About the 8 Week Online Program

Each 60-minute session will explore a theme related to emotional well-being, guided mindfulness practice (ranging from one to 15 minutes), time for inner reflection, and an opportunity for rejuvenation. Sessions will incorporate videos, opportunities for discussion and activities to enhance learning.​ Participants will receive resources and information to support developing a mindfulness practice.  You can attend the class live or by video recording.

Register online here.


Y Mind Mindfulness Groups

Y Mind Poster Surrey 2018 (updated)

Image-text description: Blue-green poster with a small YMCA logo on the top left hand corner. In white bold text underneath, “Y Mind Mindfulness Groups.” A small photo is underneath this text, showing four people of of different appearances looking at each other. In text underneath this photo: “A mental wellness program for young adults 18-30. Getting support can be tough and overwhelming. Learn how to tackle stress, worries and anxiety through Mindfulness Groups. Our Mindfulness Groups provide a safe space for young people to connect with others, learn healthy coping strategies and get the support they need.” Directly underneath this text is bold white text containing more information:

“Information session: Date: April 5th, 2018. Time: 5-7:30 pm Tong Louie YMCA (14988 57 Ave) Contact us to learn more about our free program! Telephone: 604-673-6178 Email: youthmindfulness@gv.ymca.ca”

At the bottom of the poster are two logos, both of them apart from each other on both sides. The logo on the far left shows a yellow and white sun rising up from behind blue peaks shaped like mountains, with the text “British Columbia” in capital letters beside it on the right. On the right, is a logo with the text in a slanted font, “Building Healthy Communities.”

April 3: Exploring the Fentanyl Crisis. A Talk with Clive Derbyshire, Paramedic from the DTES

Clive Derbyshire

Tuesday, April 3, 4-6 pm
CC Library

Exploring the Fentanyl Crisis: A Talk with Clive Derbyshire, Paramedic in the Downtown Eastside

Come listen to Clive, a paramedic from the Downtown Eastside, talk about the fentanyl crisis in Vancouver and learn what you can do to support harm reduction. Clive was recently featured in a CBC Documentary, After the Sirens. The documentary will air on CBC on Sunday April 8.

April 4: Aesth Journal Launch

Aesth Launch Party Poster

Aesth Journal Launch
Wed, April 4th, 12 pm
Main Lobby

Come celebrate the launch of Aesth Journal Club’s first issue! Meet our published authors and artists! Buy a copy of the journal (for as low as $3) and have your fill of fries and cake (while quantity lasts). Editor-in-Chief, Ethan will give a short thank you speech at 12 pm. Congratulations to the students at Columbia College who have been published in the first issue, and thank you to all the teachers who have supported our endeavors.

Want to see your work in the next journal? Submit today! Deadline is April 17. More info: www.cctalks.com/journal

Contributors to the first issue:
Amir Hossein Asadifard
Bryan Pham
CMNS 253
Chima Chiamaka Vera
Hum Heh Ying
Gagandeep Singh Saund
Jatin Sharma
Noor Najjar
Samer Khamis
Sana Pournasiri
Sarim Bin Mahmood
Shreya Madaan
Siddhant Saigal
Sukhpal Kaur
Vijay Saini

Fine Forgiveness Week – April 2-7

Fine Forgi

Image-text description: Blue and black text on the left 3/4ths side of the image with a small Columbia College logo on the bottom. On the right is an image of a man drinking out of a coconut straw. Below this image is an orange clipboard with paper and pen. Small leaves surround these two images.

Text: Fine Forgiveness Week April 2-7
April is National Poetry Month! Write a haiku poem and have up to $25 taken off your library fines.

Where: CC Library

Special guest: Fred Wah, former Poet Laureate of Canada (April 2, 12-2 pm)