Rajveer Kaur

Rajveer kaur

Instructor. Julie Karey

English 099 Sec 14

5 April 2016

Reduce and recycle today , for better tomorrow

At 88th annual academy awards , Hollywood actor , Leonardo Dicaprio used the Oscar night to give his acceptance speech about climate change in which he said,

“ Climate change is real. It is most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating. We need to support leaders…..who speak for all humanity, for the indigenous people of world,……who would be must affected by this”.(qtd. In Chris Mooney)

It’s our duty to think as a responsible citizens as the same way famous actor thinks about changes in environment. Everyone from celebrity to normal person should play their role to save the mother earth. The best way to save the environment must use the recycling and reducing as much as possible.

Recycling the waste is best way to save environment. Recycling is process of taking waste stuff into reusable stuff. Even large businesses are recycling their materials. Ikea is one of them. They wil lrecyclycle their furniture in future rather  than just throwing away waste wood. Ikea Canada president Stefan said “If we can have an impact on people’s lives at home we could have huge impact on environment”(“Ikea eyes Canadian furniture recycling”). They are also starting recycling of matresses and light bulbs. We can save the environment by must buying the products that can be recycles like Ikea products. In article “City mulls coffee cup, plastic bag ban” according to councilor Adriane Carr, “More often not only in trash, they’re littered all over the ground around the trash cans”…(3). It clearly shows we lack our responsibility to deal with through away garbage, due to which it gets hard to manage for recycling staff. We are actually pilling up more garbage due to new materials coming in market everyday. So, it’s our responsibility to throw recyclable waste in bin which contain recyclable waste.

Reducing saves a lots of energy and helps in keeping the environment clean. Acording to environmentalist Emily Alfred in article “Canadians Pilling Up More Garbage Than Ever Before As Disposable Rule”. If we recycle it and process it into something new, we’re saving a lots of energy and preventing a lots of pollution. She also raises a question that, What to do about this pilling up garbage?. In result, she also stresses upon that manufacturers should actually take care of waste they generate in manufacturing process. As a good citizens we should make changes in our lifestyle like use of cloth bags instead of paper bags and must buy the products  that can be recyclable. Many newspapers and magazines are online now. Which help us to reduce the large amount of waste. Mui, in her article “City mulls Coffee cup, Plastic bag ban” talks about how we use large amount of coffee cups’ plastic bags and Styrofoam food boxes and which create threat to wildlife, fish and marine mammals when litterd in public places.So, we can reduce the waste by buying the products that don’t have lots of packaging. We should use the concept of reducing and reusing to save the environment.

Reducing and recycling are the best way to save the environment. Recycling has lots more benefits rather than just using the old material in new form after recycling. Recycling and Reducing conserves natural  resources, save money and also helps financially. So, we must have to reduce the waste as much as possible because many resources take million of years to form. Some people believe that recycling is wasteful because it cost more and produce less results. But the real story is that recycling is much needed  to manage waste. For sue, there is room for improvement. We should start joining the recycling and reducing programs for plastics, light bulbs and paper.We should give used stuff for recycling. As the normal individual, the best way to save our deterioting environment is to follow the policy of reducing and recycling.



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