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How We Can Use the Art of Three R’s to Save the Environment

Rishab Sharma

English 099 Sec 14

5 April 2016

           According to the fact given in the article called “The Three R’s of the Environment,”

Every year, American throw away 50 billion foods and drink can, 27 billion glass bottles and jars, and 65 million plastic and metal jars and can covers. More than 30% of our waste is packaging materials. Some 85% of garbage is sent to a dump, or land fills, where it can taken from 100 to 400 years for things like cloth and aluminum to decompose. Glass has been found in perfect condition after 4000 years in the earth!

The most effective practices to save the environment are recycling and reduce.

Recycling can help to save the environment. Amy Logan explains in her News article “Vancouver Trending: The business of Zero Waste” in Metro News “the town of Kamikatsu, Japan may offer a template for Vancouver’s goal of decreasing waste. The town’s 1700 residents sort their trash into 34 different categories. The town has no incinerator and 80 percent of the garbage is recycled. They are aiming for 100 percent by 2020.” We should motivate ourselves and the recycling items and should sort our trash properly. There is another example, how recycling is helpful to save the environment. David Biello had given a fact in his article “10 Solutions for Climate Change” Scientific American that “Every year, 33 million acres of forest are cut down. Timber harvesting in the tropics alone contribute 1.5 billion metric ton of carbon to the atmosphere.” Instead of cut down trees for making of new furniture, we should recycle our furniture and given our old furniture to company like IKEA. An article in Metro News reveals the information about the “Take back” program of the started by the company name Ikea. “Ikea eyes Canadian furniture recycling” Metro News explains that the Canadian president of Ikea has given information about the new “Take back” program in Canada that would allow customers to trade their furniture for the store credits. Recycling of items help us to save the environment along with recycling, reducing the trash and reducing the use of plastic is very helpful practices to save the environment.

Reducing the amount of garbage and reduce the usage of plastic leads to save the environment and wild life. Michael Mui explains in news article “City Mulls Coffee Cup, Plastic Bag Ban” 24HOURS. “Plastic bags …….. they’re flying all through the air they’re flying all through the air they’re caught in bird’s gullets, they get into the ocean and the plastics are causing and incredible amount of death-wildlife, fish and marine mammals, it’s a real cause of concern… . We absolutely need to move in direction.” 3 Plastic is causing many hazardous affect on wild life many wild animals are dying due to the pollution cause by plastic. We should reduce the use of plastic bags and reduce the usage of all non recycle able items like coffee cups and items with extra packaging.

To conclude, these practices are very helpful to save the environment. Recycling and reducing are very effective practices to make our world more green and pollution, plastic free and to live a healthy life in this beautiful world. As all we know that “nothing is precious than the health.”

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