Satinder Pal Singh

Satinder Pal Singh

Prof. Julia Karey

English 099 Sec 14

April 5, 2016

Act Responsibly, Think Sustainable

Everyone has heard of 3Rs – recycle, reduce, reuse. Some people like to add a fourth (refuse) or even fifth (recovery). But I think three is enough. People can do the numerous things to save the environment. I recommend working for an organization without being paid and take the environment sustainability as their own responsibility.

To begin with, the term of without being paid does not mean to a non-profit organization. At the same time it’s leads to rethink again “when people going for shopping or buying”. We have to rethink that, “do we really need this”? Furthermore, According to staff of Michael Mui in “ City Mulls Coffee, Plastic Bag Ban” they claim that “ Reducing distribution at the point of sale if possible, is preferable from a waste management and environmental protection perspective”…(3). Because Reduce is where one uses less of something, anything. So when going on shopping, bring your own bag to put your all groceries. Even when, eating out bring your own chopsticks…instead of using the disposable ones.

On the other side, by seeking environment as own liability. In “Ikea” said in Metro News that recycling your furniture its individual’s project. Similarly using energy-saving LED bulbs and “taking a more planet-friendly approach to commerce” said by Sajostrand they all the responsibilities of single person. Although Donating to and shopping at second hand stores are great way to reuse clothing, toys, books, and other household items. Therefore, people should reuse their product. Repair also refer as individuals responsibility like “many products are thrown away, when they all need is a bit repair” in Rashel Tremblay article. For instance we would not throw our car away because a belt broke, so why throw a bike away because the chain broke? In article of Logan, Amy “The Business of Zero Waste” for Metro News. She provide some example of fiercely environmental they recycle more than 90% each matters. Hence, therefor its people responsibility to recycle the matters besides throwing away. So “think globally, act locally”.

To conclude this, it is the responsibility of everyone to protect our environment. Let us fulfill our responsibilities in environmental protection. We all have to protect our environment. It not the responsibility of any organization it is the individuals interest to step up. Eat, sleep, and recycle.

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