Savneet Kaur


Importance of Recycling and Reducing

Savneet Kaur

English 099 Section 14

5 April 2016

Are we moving on the path of our own destruction due to our daily activities? The major cause of the bad condition of the environment is personal greed and laziness as explained in the Brian Green’s article (259-260). In order to save our environment we have to take some steps. As the article “Is Recycling Worth It” explains that “recycling is the best option rather than throwing anything in the garbage (65).” I also think that by small changes in our habits i.e. recycling and reducing, our audience can help a lot in saving the environment in their daily life.

The first step to save the environment is recycling. The article Ikea Eyes, “take-back” program is a good start to encourage people to recycle and reuse more because it is beneficial for them at personal level as if they gave their old furniture then in return they got money or credits back which is profitable. So after knowing all these benefits of recycling people start recycling for their personal interest which directly helps to save the environment. Moreover, in Amy Logan’s article, the residents of the town of Kamikatsu, Japan has sorted their trash into various categories and the 80% of the garbage is recycled. After watching such an example of recycling, people should feel more motivated that if those residents do then they also can.  Thus recycling is a good and profitable business which saves the environment.

The second good way to save the environment is reducing. Moreover, by providing information about the excess use of products like A.C which harms our nature in rational manner we can save our environment because we don’t need to consume as much as we do. The article by Joanna Poncavage shows that one can reduce paper and plastic “rather than buying new books, borrow them from library or peruse a used-book store”, so no much paper is required and then there is no much cutting of woods which directly saves the environment. “We can also buy milk in returnable glass bottles”, which is also good way to reduce the plastic. As we are not in the habit of reducing we have effected our environment a lot. As the article “City Mulls Coffee Cups, Plastic Bag Ban” describes that use of plastic bags and coffee cups must be reduced because when they got into the ocean then they have adverse effect on species as well as on marine mammals say Adriane Carr. (quoted in Mui 3). Therefore, their use must be reduced.

To conclude, both these recycling and reducing are essential in order to save the environment. We have to save our nature. We must act now, and we must act as individuals because we have such power to save environment like by sorting of waste  and carrying plastic bags only if they required. We cannot wait for anyone else and we have to change our habits and took some steps as soon as possible to save our environment. If we can’t start saving our environment with the help of recycling and reducing in our daily activities then we will inevitably destroy it.


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