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Simarpartap Singh in English 099 student studying with Instructor Julie karey. He studying mass communication and sociology looking forward for business and people behavior among others.

29 July 2016

    Ways to reduce waste in Columbia college

All around the world everyone has a similar issue of waste and governments are trying their level best to solve this problem as soon as it possible. However, Columbia college is also facing a major trouble of waste. There are two main types of waste in Columbia college are one of paper towels and second of coffee cups because of behavior of students and lack of awareness about material of coffee cups. Columbia college is seeking for new techniques to cope with this crisis by installing new technology and adopting new methods to reduce coffee cup waste by instructing students, proper collecting, sorting and motivating students to use reusable mugs in order to make changes in the situation of waste.

The wastage of paper towels has become headache of Columbia college because due to over usage of papers in washrooms and student lounge. In fact, box of paper towels get emptied in the evening by students because of carefree attitude and lazy behavior. Students usually take more than enough paper towels to clean their hands and even throw it without using it. Additionally, students siting in student lounge eat their meals and left behind the wrappers as no one is watching to them and others also repeat the same by seeing others. According to Brain Green in his article “The Enemy in the Mirror” says that “Canadians throw away about 275000 tonnes of disposable diapers every year and demand our paper products be thick, soft and pure white”(259). To diminish wastage of paper towels, Columbia college should install hand drying machine in washrooms to eliminate the wastage of paper towels and appoint a security guard to have eye on students who creates mess in student lounge as in presence of him students will make use of bins properly.

On the other hand, using more and more coffee cups fills most of bins at end of the day, an average student everyday drink coffee and dump in bins. However, some students find difficulty to where to put in and where not? As a result it can be seen in both garbage and recycle bins because of less information about coffee cup material. According to Megan Griffith Greene article “coffee cups: 3 months later, are they being recycled at Tim Hortons and Starbucks” that “At Starbucks, two cups were found in bins labelled “mixed recycling” and one was put out with regular garbage” and this is also happening on Columbia college. So, college should pick volunteers which provide guidelines to students and by making own site about environment guidance so students can follow instructions to reduce waste and using bins properly.

Coffee cups wastage covers half of percent of waste to the total waste in Columbia college. However, coffee cups are not recycled because of plastic lining in the cup and take a lot of expenses to separate them and put back in use (Betsy). However, lids of coffee cups can be recycled easily as it is made of only plastic and students do not remove lids and throw in recycle bins in which appropriate sorting is not done by students. According to Powell Betsy in his article “Don’t recycle your Timmies cup: city forced to act as 45,000 tonnes of regular garbage clog blue bins” that “Paper coffee cup sleeves can be recycled, as they do not contain a plastic linner in the fibre material”. Moreover, by making another bins for coffee cups collection and right sorting will be done by throwing sleeves and lids in recycle bin and rest in the garbage bins.

Using of reusable mugs and thermos or redesign coffee cups helps a lot to eliminate demand of coffee cups. Moreover, Starbucks gives 20 cent discount to those consumers who brings their own mugs but most of students in college are from foreign countries and have no idea about this scheme and college should inform them. Furthermore, Columbia college may give space to coffee companies on rent in which only mugs can be used which are designed by college authorities. In Ben Webster article “burn used cups for energy, urges green boss” in which “ 3 boys, plans to start production in may of a paper cup with a separate plastic lining lightly glued inside, which can be removed in recycling process”. In that way Columbia college should design mugs and motivate students to use coffee mugs by acknowledging about ill effects of coffee cups in the environment and waste.

Today is the time to save our environment from over wastage of paper and coffee cups, In order to save our future we have to work on our present by gathering information about coffee cups for using bins in correct manner by throwing lids and sleeves in recycle bins. Moreover, mugs helps to deduct demand of coffee cups in college.













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