Three Rs importance in Environment

                                                                                            Simrandeep, English 099

5 April 2016

Are we able to control environmental pollution? Nowadays, this is the main problem almost each and every part of the world rather than that we are not doing anything and now we do not have much time so we all have to take some steps to control this problem so, according to me, the best and simple way to restrict environmental pollution is by implementing three Rs which are reduce, re-use, and recycle.

The first thing we all have to implement to manage this problem is to start using our garbage. According to Adriane Carr, green party in article, “City Mulls Coffee Cup, Plastic bag ban” “plastic bags….. they are flying all through the air, they are caught in birds’ gullets, they get into the oceans and plastic are causing an incredible amount of death – wildlife, fish and marine mammals, it’s a real cause of concern…. We absolutely need to move in this direction.”(Quoted in Michael Mui, page 3) In this paragraph she wants to say that the waste or garbage we are throwing out is not only affecting our life but its also becoming the reason for the death of the animals which effect our life cycle too and I think we humans do not have any right to harm their life and environment. After applying this we have to move on the other thing.


Another thing in the path of manage environmental pollution is re-use. According to city report in article, “City Mulls Coffee Cup, Plastic bag ban” “the issue isn’t garbage generated at home – recycling program have mostly taken care of that – but the large amount of this stuff is ending up in city bins set up in public areas” this tells us that the main problem is the garbage we threw outside as we are students we eat too much from outside for instance subway, mac Donald and etc. so, if we start reusing the cups we got from their or we can use our own mugs by doing this we can reduce to much garbage to go in the bins and by doing this we get economical benefit too economical because when we buy something we don’t have to pay them for glasses or mugs again and again. So we all have to execute this in our day to day life.

The last thing I want to tell you is about recycling. “If we can have an impact on people’s life’s at home, we could have a huge impact on environment,’’ said Ikea president Stefen Sjosrand In this essay he wants to say us that we have to change our lifestyle. We have to start using recycled furniture as nowadays we easily get recycled furniture on online sites. This not only reduces the deforesting but also saves our money. So I highly recommenced you to use recycled or old furniture.

To conclude, according to Brian Green in his essay “Enemy in the mirror” he says that “our planet is under attack”. (Page 259) The victims of this wrongdoing are we our self and if we have to save our planet from thrashing so we have to implement these three Rs reduce, re-use and recycle.

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