Developing Skills

On this page, there is information about how to describe the skills that you have developed.  Our list of volunteering opportunities is available on the Volunteering Page.


We want to help you get the most of your time out of your time at Columbia College by supporting your academic and personal development, so that you can succeed in your studies as well as impress potential employers or colleges.

Being able to demonstrate your skills will be one of the most useful things that you can learn to be able to sell yourself.  Certificates and references are helpful evidence, but you need to talk about your skills to show you’re better than the rest!

We all gain or learn skills in everyday life, as well as working on particular projects or with particular people.  But it’s important that we use what we learn to be successful: you need to promote what skills you have to sell yourself to potential employers or colleges and universities.

We think that these skills are important but there are many more that you can gain:
Team Work Communication
Initiative Time Management
Organization Confidence
Leadership Independence
Creativity Flexibility
Negotiation Responsibility


Promoting your skills is important as it helps others to make a decision about whether you are right for a job or course.  Having skills and knowing how you use them can set you apart from the rest.


Think about the activities that you have taken part in and what you have learned from them, by doing things well or making mistakes.  Think about a situation that has arisen, what you did and what the result was to help you think about how to describe your skills.


We gain skills in every activity that we do, whether it’s taking part in a classroom discussion or being able to work a cash register in a store.  You can improve your skills by studying, volunteering, traveling and working.


Where can I gain skills?

Studying: Believe it or not, you can improve your skills through coming to college each day.  Taking part in group discussions or presentations teaches great communication skills, and ensuring that you submit your assignments on time help with your organization skills and completing an assignment shows that you are able to do research.

Working: You can gain a variety of skills from working.  These include things such as commercial awareness if you work in a sales environment, as well as customer service skills.  Working in an office will help you gain good administration and time management skills.  Doing a job where you regularly make phone calls will help you to improve your communications skills.

Travelling: When you go travelling, you are always demonstrating skills in independent thinking and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to reach your goals.  You are also planning in advance and budgeting!

Volunteering: Volunteering is a great way to improve skills on a regular basis, as well as to try something new without the commitment of a job.  As well as improving your communication and team work skills, you can take on a role with responsibility which will help you gain experience in leadership and project management. Click on the Volunteering page for our list of current opportunities.

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