Taranjit Singh

Taranjit singh

English 099 Sec 14

7 April 2016

                 Lets Change Our Daily Habits to Save the Environment

According to Brain Green in his essay “The Enemy in the Mirror” states that“We are doing little to save ourselves from destruction because evil-doers are much closer to home. We see them daily in our mirrors. Motivated by greed and enable by indolence.”

Well, it is simply clear that we human beings are responsible for increasing the pollutions in the environment. However, its our primary job to keep our surrounding clean and unpolluted for ourselves and for our child generation. We have to take some steps and encourage ourselves as well as other people to save the environmental-resources by abandoning laziness and adopting necessary habits of recycling and reusing used materials for the betterment of the environment.

First of all, Pollution is nothing more than plain old laziness in us. People are too lazy to take things all the way and find a trash can, too lazy to throw their garbage in the particular bin. Now-a-days everyone finds an easier or short way to do any work. In an online article Manali Oak in his article “Simple Ways to save the Environment “he states “But thinking it’s impossible to solve them is where we go wrong. We hardly bother to do anything in that regard.” Whereas, we have become too indolence that we never even do not have energy to wake up or stand up and off the devices while we are not using them, therefore this becomes most common reason behind wastage of energy , which ultimately leads to pollution in the environment. Moreover, now we are basically depended on machines and this became the worst habit of every person. As the result of it, we drive cars everywhere even for small distances, we always prefer vehicle instead of bicycles and walk, therefore ultimately the smoke of machines effect the natural resources. We should participate in volunteer works to clean our surrounding and aware the other people to get involved in these activities. As the result, we will become more active and responsible toward our environment. Moreover, we have to be always ready to contribute in saving our environment.

Instead of abandoning laziness, Recycling and reusing of used goods can contribute a lot to save our environment. According to Amy Logan in her article “The business of zero waste” emphasizes that we have to support the people and those organizations who are contributing to minimize the waste and a raising their businesses. She describe many ways to reduce the plastic use and utilizing them. As journalists of Department of Environmental Conservation New York in article  named as “Reuse” adds that “paper is the largest component of our waste stream…fill empty plastic bottles with water”. So we can do recycling and reusing any plastic in many ways. “if we can have an impact on people’s lives at home, we could have huge impact on the environment” said by Ikea Canada President in an article named as “Ikea Eyes Canadian furniture recycling”.

To conclude this, environmental pollution is the biggest risk for human race on this planet today so we have to take action now to save the environment through abandoning laziness and contribute in recycling as well as by reusing substances. Let’s get started to protect our environment as good as possible!



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